Working With A Study Buddy

Studying can be nerve wracking. Maybe you have heard yourself say things like these

  1. “I don’t remember seeing this problem before!”
  2. I don’t what this means
  3. I didn’t know if I’m right or not
  4. I’m having a lot of trouble focusing.

You will probably feel a lot less pressured if you have got someone else work with. When you work with a partner, you have some one to bounce idea off of discuss things with sna ask questions. Here’s how a study buddy can help.

  • If you are working on the same problem, one of you might know the answer and can help the other; if neither of you knows it, you can figure it out together.
  • If you are working on the same thing, your partner can ask you questions to help you focus your standing. He can also quiz you on the material and help you pinpoint your weakness areas.  And of course, you can do the same for him.

You may not be aware of it, but you already know how to work with a study buddy.

Whenever you discuss a film, newspaper or magazine, articles or events with a friend, you are “working” with a buddy. Of you saw the film or read the article, your friend might ask, ” what did you think about it? Maybe adding ” I hear it was— ” orbl “I have been meaning to see it myself” your friend is trying to remember what you have saw, heard or read by asking general question.

As you think back to the film or event to tell your friend, you might think about it differently than you did when you saw it since your subconscious has had some time to pull together, you’re apt to have a clearer opinion of it now. You modified thought were triggered by your friends questions.

Finding A Study Buddy

You probably know at least one person in your class and most likely you have some classmates’ phone numbers in case you miss a class and need to borrow notes or be filled on what happened. You could ask one of these people to study with you.

Finding The Right Study Buddy.

Whomever you choose, you want to work with, someone who:

  • you are comfortable with
  • Is responsible: you will keep study appointments who take learning seriously and take you serious too.

Some Tips For How You And Your Study Can Work Together.

1. Set an Agenda. 

The first thing you and your study buddy have to decide, is how long your session will be and what you want to cover in that given time. Be realistic when you do this; don’t try to cover fifty pages of your textbooks in an hour, just set a specific topics needed to be treated with your study buddy.

2. Use your time together well.

Here are some things you and your study buddy can can help each other understand the material.

  • i. Explain to each other what you already kno.w
  • ii. Help each other find out what you don’t know
  • iii. Ask each other questions.
  • iv. Make connection between what you have just learn and that you already know.
  • v. Give feedback in preparation
  • vi. Test each other on what one knows and the other doesn‘t.

3. Use your learning styles

Everyone have various method of learning, perhaps the learning styles are the eyes, the ears, Images, etc. You can do this by searching “Discover how you learn in the previous blog”.

Though some set of people make use of combination of various learning styles. Just do what works for you and let your study buddy aware of your learning styles.

Ground rules for studying together.

Keep.your heads clear and cool by showing the respect for each other, you can do this when you.

1. Appreciate each other’s learning styles

2. Start with a positive point before criticizing

3. Use sensitive talk, be aware of each other’s needs and perspective; keep on minds

4. Listening attentively


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