Who is your best candidate

It not longer a news that  Amed Tinibu, Atiku Abubarkar and Peter Obi are the compititors in presidential race.

The truth of the fact is that most individual support their candidate because of tribes and religion. Nigeria as a state is of diverse enthic group where people of diverse enthic group will want to rule and tribe who were seems to be   marginalized won’t feel sense of belonging which may stimulate agitation. Take example of the igbos, who believe Peter obi have the capability and capacity to deliver.

From the interview and speech deliver by each of them you then choose wisely who can rule the nation.

As a youth, elders or citizens of the country, let’s ensure to put the right candidate over there because we are Nigerians the only country we are going to benefit from therefore let’s ensure our best to vote the right candidate and secure the future of our unborn children and be proud of their nationality. Lets us get our PVC and come out during election day to get the best candidate who is going to make Nigeria once more the giant of Africa.

I believe voting the right candidate will enable Nigeria work again if only will can put tribalism and religion aside.


OUR VOTING START NOW: who do you prefer to be the president




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