Vocabulary words

Vocabulary words are associated with the particular field of human activities. They are many collection of vocabularies students are to expect in their English exams and to use rightfully while speaking English fluently.

Vocabularies word register in an examination like building and plumbing, fishing, finance(commerce, banking, stock exchange, insurance), photography mineral exploitation, transport, education, power production (hydro, thermal, solar) education, library military, government and politics, law and order, religion, science and technology, journalism and advertising etc.

Here let’s focus on vocabulary words on education and library.


Education is the process of impacting knowledge, skills and judgement.

Here are list vocabulary words and their meanings.

Research: Detail study undertaken to discover new facts.

Kindergarten: School children between the age of four and six.

Curriculum: Programmes of study that leads to a particular certificate.

Corporal punishment: Punishment by beating.

Post primary: School above the primary school level.

Extra-curriculum activities: Activities that are not strictly academic.

Co-education: Education of boys and girls together.

Informal education: The type of education acquired outside the school.

Formal education: Learning acquired in a school.

Dormitory: Sleeping rooms for students in boarding house.


Library is a place or building, housing many books for reading and researches been carried out.

Here are vocabulary words for library.

Shef-guide: Instructions especially numbers that show which books can be found on a particular shelf.

Entry Card: Card on which details a book are recorded.

Register: To enters one’s name in a list example library list .

Registration form: Form filled when one registers.

Public library: A library meant for public. Public libraries include national state, local council and children’s library.

Private library: Library owns by private persons or individuals

Academic library: library includes school, universities and research libraries.

Catalogue Card. A card that contains the full entry of a book.

Catalogue: A list of books, authors of books, often with information about them, put in a special order so that they can be found easily examples, include author, subject, dictionary and classified catalogues.

Serial: A book, magazine etc printed as a continuing set, with a single name and numbered 1,2,3 etc.

Mobile library: A library that is not in a building and which is a vehicle and driven from place to place.

Gazatte: An official newspaper, especially one from government giving list of people who have been employed by them, important notices etc.

Annotation: A written note, especially on the pages of a printed book. In catalogue card, the annotation is a brief summary of the book.

Reserve books: book that are not to be borrowed from library. They are for special purpose.

Reference book: A book that are looked at for information example dictionary.

Reference library (section): The place containing a collection of books that may not be taken away but must be studied in the place where they are kept.


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