UNILORIN: Various Hostels and Accommodation Fees.

  • Unilorin is indeed a prestige university, where many people want to study their desirable dreams. Quite sure as a student or aspirants, every one must seek for accommodation because it’s one of factors need to be considered. Below are the various hostels am going to list out with their ranges of fees and also means of applying for hostels.

The following are various steps for accommodation in unilorin

i. To apply for hostel, visit the school portal. unilorin: https://unilugportal.unilorin.edu.ng//login.ph and login with Id

ii. Follow the steps required to make payments.

iii. Take your payment proof(online slip) to students affair division for documentation purpose.

Reason for Getting Hostel

i. It limit distance walk to class and reduce the cost of transport fare

ii. Students are well secure due to the security division in school premises

iii. The hostel fees are not that much compare to off campus

iv. Due to the serene environment, Students live peaceful and serene.

Various of Hostels in Unilorin

1. Atlantic Heights

Atlantic height hostel is the type of hoste many students wanted live on and some the things which actually attract them to the hostel are

i. Washing machine for free luandry

ii. WiFi for constant internet connectivity.

iii. Basketball and volleyball court.

iv. Library.

The hostel fee range about 115k (one hundred and fifteen thousand) above.

2. Queen Hostel

Queens hostel is quite cool, vast compund and its free WiFi and library. The price range at most 135k(one hundred and thirty five thousand naira) above.

3. Gulf Pearl Apartment. 

Very nice where Students wish to stay. The price range from 95k (Ninty five thousand naira) above

4. Sanusi hostel

Its quite cool also. This hostel is meant for boys . The private hostel has rooms of 2 to 4.  Sanusi hostel have wifi for internet connectivity. The price is range from 112k (one hundred and twenty thousand naira) above

5. pyramid Hostel.

The hostel is for boys with a tag price of 135k (one hundred and thirty five thousand naira).

6. Arefims Hostel

The hostel is actually cool, it has a cool walk with succulent chairs to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and light to fascinate you at night. The price range 110k (one hundred and ten thousand naira) above

7. Zaphel Hostel:

These Hostel is quite cool and it’s for boys. The vast of its compound gave it’s attractive looks to others Students who wish to stay. There is free WiFi and the price of hostel range 112k (one hundred and twelve thousand naira) and prone to an increasement.

8. Kikilomo.

The hostel is pretty nice and it’s price range 105k(one hundred and five thousand naira).

9. Rubiks 

It’s quite nice, full of ornamental trees and its compound is as well big enough for social activities. The price range from 90k-180k ( Ninety thousand naira to one hundred and eighty thousand naira).

10.Ibidun Hostel

The hostel is for girls and its price range from 110k (one hundred and ten thousand naira).

12. El-mubarak

It’s also an hostel for girls. It has a room of four and two. And it’s among the cheapest hostel in Unilorin. The price range 85k (eighty five thousand naira) above.

Some of these unilorin Hostels

Noted those hostels listed above are private hostels.

General Hostels.

The  fees for general hostels varies per bed bed space in a session. It’s 28,000.00

(Twenty eight thousand naria).

Here are the various general hostels and mode of payment for bed space allocation.

1. Village I – male hostel

2.  Village II (Lagos) -female hostel

3. Village III (Abuja) – female hostel

4. Village IV (Kwara) – female hostel

5. Village V (Zamfara)- female hostel

6. Village VI (Trinul) – female hostel

Noted: all rooms are are tile with book slef and watdrope.

Also Trinul hostel is self-contained

Bed Allocation and mode of payment

i.make sure the charge of payment are correct and make reservation online

ii. Make payment of 28,000.00 online via portal

iii. Payment must be within 72 hours failure to that leads to cancellation of the reservation

iii. After payment, print your online slip for documentation purpose.

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