Unilorin Professor Receives SAN Nomination.

Unilorin professor Receives SAN Nomination.

Professor Abdulquadri Abikan has been nominated as senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

He is the past director of preliminary studies in University of Ilorin (UNiLORIN).

According to the institution bulletin, released on Monday, Abdulquadri Abikan, who was a professor of Islamic law was a shortlisted for designation.

Abikan was nominated for the highest legal professional rank in academia by the legal practitioners privileges committee (LPPC).

According to the bulletin, the paragraph 22 subsection 2 and 20 legal practitioners practitioners privileges committee guildlines of 2018, has 73 practicing lawyers and 56 academic applicants.

The bulletin further stated that those on the list are those who scaled through advocate filtration stages and academic pre-qualification exercise conducted.

The chief registrar, through the bulletin requested members of the public who have any complaints against integrity to enlisted candidate with 20copies of complaints in line with the guildlines before  4pm on July 18, 2022.


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