Uniben Sculpture and it’s Interpretation

University of Benin, Edo state (UNIBEN) is indeed a prestigious institution.

Coming at the enterance of main gates, shows a well beautify status or sculpture and it’s Interpretations.

It’s quite funny enough some students of the prestigious institution does not knows it’s Interpretation. These are commonly found in newly admitted ones(freashers).

The First.

There are two display of status.

The first one signify the newly admitted students. They feel the joy of becoming a unben students after the battle of post utme and jamb of which uniben picked them as the lucky ones.

Though, they may encounter stress during the registration from faculty to faculty, departments upon departments for submission or registration needed to be carried out. These are their first period of stress they must face as a unben students. Though clearance are now done onlines but submission must be done in due process no matter where you are from.

At this period of this level, those freashers are usually carry away as a results of buying unnecessary materials needed not to.

They gives people money unnecessary and feel that’s how their 100level will be till they  graduate from the school.


The second shows two hundred level, two hundred level students who did takes their studies serious of which their results humble them to stayed tune and get ready for next semester.


The third status, shows how serious yoy are perhaps recognizing the best and how valuable certificate is once you comes out as the best. They get anything to be done just to have a best results.


These shows the level of humility  you must have gotten due to discipline displayed by lecturers.

You must learned to behave well culture in divert ways both in character and learning.


These shows thumb up for final year students and graduands who are to pass their stories to friends, undergraduate of what they pass through.

Also, professors and lecturers make use of it as reference and show students who are quite rumbustious in any class activities of which he bend and make sure he conform to his will.

Here are most experience every students must pass through atleast one of them.

Night class- that’s their culture(must)

Hostel vibes

Sport activities – atleast one of your favorite.

Political positions

Competition among the foreign Universities.


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