UNIBEN: From Desk of SUG President; “One Year In Office; Our Strides”

From the Student’s Union Government of university of Benin, the president of the union, Amadi Foster  made a circular been 27th September 2022 about strides of student’s union government been one year in office.

The circular from the desk of the students union, were written


How times flies! It is one year down the line, yet, it appears like yesterday, when in the dews of the dawn and under the sweltering sun, I move from faculty to ffaculty, from one lecture theatre to another theatre, meetings my fellow UNIBEN students and proclaiming, ” hello how are you doing, I’m Foster Amandi for sug president”.

Nicholo Machiavelli once said that, there is nothing as being difficult as a leader, making and enforcing new rules. In other words, uneasy lies the mind that bears the crowd. Before my assumption in office, I could not appreciate this witty postulation beyond the peripheral of pages of the text books. But as the SUG, I’m now a witness to it’s verity.

May I register our unalloyed gratitude to my fellow UNIBEN Students who reposed their trust and confidence in me and consider me whorhly to man their affair.

Without equivocation, this administration has fared well, inspite interjection of Asuu strike in our academic calendar, which distorted some of our plans and programmes for UNIBEN students. But, please noted that, the plans and programmes are not abrogated by the industrial actions. The strike only has supensory effects on them. For the first time, our giant strides are outline thus;

1. Upon assumption in office, with the support of the school management, we brought Union vehicle(Sienna) to ease movement and to aid our rapid response to the needs of UNIBEN students.

2. Under the leaderand fulfilment of my campaign promises to Ekehuan campus, I attracted the construction of recreational centre(relaxation spot) which has been completed, commission and ready to be used at Ekehuan campus. Thanks to UBAA, north America.

3. In the light of the fact, these administration shares in the inspiration and commitment of our vice chancellor, prof Mrs Lilian Imeutiyan Salami, to make UNIBEN the educational hub in Africa, this administration organized an iner-faculty debate where the winners were given laptops and payment of their tution fees. This is to encourage learning and scholarship among my fellow students.

4. This administration also unfuried the purple and gold colour in the comity of Universities in Nigeria during  the recently concluded national debates in Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, where we came out top in the south south region and2nd runner up in the nation.

5. This administration has fostered an unprecedented synergistic symbiosis among the tripartite(executive, legislation and judiciary) of our union as well as a formidable relationship between the students and the management.

6. I dey my leadership, and by the way of man power development, I have been able to produce two executive members in the joint campus council (JJC) Edo state axis, and two representative in National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS), all from UNIBEN.

7. Through my office as the president, we have been able to render assistance to many deserving UNIBEN students, ranging from provision of accomodations, feeding and intervention for our students unlawful ejected from their hostels by their landlord.

8. My commitment to welfare of UNIBEN students has driven me into settings up special rapid response committee to see the welfare of students during the strike.

9. The University of Benin today rank top among Nigeria universities as institution with respected, purposeful, intelligent, genuine and outspoken activist. Little wonder, the Endasuu strike crusade started in UNIBEN.

10. My administration, organized the first independence carnival in University of Benin to mark Nigeria@61. The event took place in both Ekehuan and Ugbowo campuses with alot of fanfare.

11. As a fulfilment of my campaign promises, I have facilitates the renovation of school hostels.

The president of the students union government, Amandi foster in his conclusion of his written circular said,  ” the achievement couldn’t have been plausible, without the efforts of concern parents, comrades and good spirited personalities which space may not permit me to mention here. But, I will write about them soonest. Yes, we may not be where we want to be, but, certainly not where we use to be. We will look forward for more giant strades upon resumption”.

He lastly said, “it is not lost on me, that the Nigerians student a4e facing the hardest of time. Hence, I apeal to UNIBEN students to join other patriotic Nigerians in intensifying the prayer for Nigeria in distress. Let’s remain hopeful, peaceful and most importantly, get actively in in politics of our nation as we gravitate towards the 2023 general election”.

The circular was release from the desk of students union government on 27th September 2022 by Amadin Foster, the president of Students Union Government (SUG) uniben chapter.

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