Top Ten (10) Engineering Courses With Their Cutoff Mark in Various Universities

Here are the top list of engineering courses in Nigeria.

To enable aspirants  stay alert and get well prepared, he or she must tighten up his or her belt to meet the cutoff mark. As aspirants you are to note the federal universities are more competitive due to the best brain of students, you will get to meet when admitted and low cost compared to state and private universities in Nigeria.

List of schools with their cutoff, mode of Post utme calculation and various departments or branches of engineering will be discussed below.


The federal university of technology, owerri (FUTO) is among the competitive university in Nigeria whose many aspirants desires to study engineering courses. It was established in 1980 and located in ihiagwa , imo state.

Federal university of technology owerri is among the ranking university because of her outstanding performance and impact to the society.

The cut of mark for 2022/2023 academic session is 150.

Here are the list of engineering courses offer in FUTO.

a. Polymer and Textile engineering

b. Petroleum engineering

c. Agricultural engineering

d. Chemical engineering

e. Civil engineering

f. Mechanical engineering

g. Electrical engineering

h. Food  Science and Technology engineering

I. Metallurgical and material engineering

j. Telecommunication Engineering

k. Computer engineering


University of Ilorin was established by a degree of the federal military government in August 1975 and is based in ilorin, the capital state of Kwara in western part of Nigeria.

The utme cutoff mark according to the joint admission board (jamb) given 140 as the bench mark. Note, unilorin departmental cut off mark is never same with jamb.

University of ilorin no longer based on 100% score, Rather their mode of calculations are based on

  1. Screening score: 30%
  2. Jamb score: 50%
  3. ‘O’ level results: 20%

From here you are expected to divide utme score by 8, post utme score remains the same and select five relevant subject from your O’ level results.

List of engineering courses in University of ilorin and thier departmental/aggravated               Departments                     cutoff.       Agg

Computer engineering     240.           60

Food engineering.             200.           60

Agricultural & Biosystem.190.          60

Civil engineering.               230.          60

Mechanical engineering.  230.          60

Electrical & Electronic.      240.          60

Chemical engineering.       230.          60

Material & metallurgical.  200          60

Noted: the higher and lower the rate of performance, your chance of getting are meant to prepare to be among the best in admission process.

3. University of Nigeria, Nsuka.(UNN) 

University of Nigeria, Nsuka is quite prestigious and also among the most competitive institution in Nigeria.

It was found in 1955 by Nnamdi Azikiwe and was formally opened on 7th octopi 1960.

University of Nigeria Nsuka has about two or more campuses. It cutoff mark is 140 according to bench mark from joint admission board. To be in a safer side, 180 and above for low competitive courses and 200 for higher competitive course.

Departmental cutoff mark varies on overall performance of the aspirants in a quota provided by heads of Departments

University of Nigeria uses 60:40 ratio for calculation of her cutoff mark.

  1. Jamb score: 60%
  2. Post utme: 40%

From these grading scores above you are to multiply jamb score by 0.6 and 0.4 for post utme.

Let take instances; John score 300 as jamb score and 260 as post utme score, the calculation is done as follow;

Jamb score= 300x 0.6 = 180

Post utme= 260x 0.4 = 104

Aggregate= 180+104 = 284.

Therefore John have an aggregate of 284.

Here are engineering courses and departmental cutoff in University of Nigeria, Nsuka.

Courses.                                            Merit.

a. Mechanical engineering.            260

b. Electronics engineering.             217

c. Civil engineering                           256

d.Electrical engineering.                  250

Agric &Bioresources engineering   204


Federal university of technology, Akure came into existence in 1981 after seven years of establishment of School of engineering and engineering technology (SEET).

Federal university of technology, Akure state is cutoff mark which is 150 and above to be qualify for Post utme.

Jamb and post utme score are both 50%.

Let take take instances; John score 220 as jamb score and 50 as post utme. The calculation are therefore done as follow

Jamb score: 220/8 = 27.5

Post utme: 50/2 = 25

Aggregate: 27.5 + 25 =52.2 %

Hence, John aggregate is 52.2%

Here are engineering courses offer in federal university of technology, Akure.

a. Agricultural engineering

b. Electrical & electronics engineering

c. Civil engineering

d. Mechanical engineering

d. Metallurgical & material engineering

e. Mining Engineering

f. Computer engineering

g. Software engineering

h. Industrial & petroleum engineering.

Note: there is no specific or giving Departmental cutoff mark, admission varies on high and low rate of the aspirants performance.


University of Benin, is a prestigious university. It is formally established in 1970.

The cutoff mark always 200. Therefore aspirants of the university are to to score 200 and above to qualify for Post utme.

University of Benin post utme is 50% and candidate are expected to score at least 50 over 100 in post utme to qualify or eligible for admission.

Note: uniben calculation are done as follow;

Jamb score: score/400

Post utme: score/100

Let John as example provided above.

John score 294 in jamb and 70 in post utme therefore his aggregate with proper breakdown as shown below

Jamb score: 294/8 = 36.75

Post utme: 70/2 = 35

Aggregate= 36.75 + 35 = 71.75

Therefore John aggregate is 71.75

Here are list of engineering courses in University of Benin with departmental cutoff mark

a.  Electrical electronics engineering.   71

b. Mechanical engineering.    73

c. Petroleum engineering.       64

d. Chemical engineering.         67

e. Computer engineering.        67

f. Civil engineering.                   67

g. Production engineering       53

h. Structural Engineering.        53

Here are the merit list of engineering courses above. Also noted University of Benin also consider catchment areas which are not same as merit.


Nnamdi Azikiwe University famously Known as unizik, she is among special leading university which offers engineering courses with the aim of development of manpower through industrial training and development of a boarder based practical application in engineering.

Here are list of Departments in faculty of engineering with their cutoff mark

a. Chemical engineering        250.5

b. Civil engineering.                245

c.Electronics & computer engineering 251

d. Industrial & production engineering 210.5

e. Mechanical engineering 243

f. Metallurgical & material engineering 209

g. Polymer & textile engineering 203.5

Unizik calculation are done by multiplying post utme by 4, adding your jamb score and divide all by 2.

Example, John score 40 in post utme and 230 as jamb score. Hence, proper breakdown below.

Post utme : 40x 4 = 160

Jamb score: 230

Aggregate: 160+230/2 = 195.

Hence, John aggregate is 195.


University of Ibadan was established in 1948. It became a full fledged university in 1962.

University of Ibadan, are among the top ranked university in Nigeria due to its products presented in the society.

University of Ibadan have not yet presented it general school cut off mark. But for now 200 and must be made first choice.

Here are the list of Departments in engineering with it’s cutoff mark as of last admission process.

a. Agricultural & environmental engineering   51.25 merit

b. Civil engineering 64.75. merit

c. Electrical & electronics engineering 71 merit

d. Industrial & production engineering 62.12 merits

e. Petroleum engineering 65. 87 merit

f. Wood production engineering  53.37 merit

Calculation are done by dividing your jamb score by 8 and post utme score by 2.

For instance, John have 320 as jamb score and 68 as post utme score, the breakdown will be,

Jamb score: 320/8 = 40

Post utme: 68/2 = 34

Aggregate: 40+34 =74%


Obafemi Awolowo university is quite prestigious university everyone love to study. The environment more friendly and structure of building within the university.

Obafemi Awolowo university has not yet announced cutoff mark from the school board but 200 is always theirs.

Here are list of engineering courses and their cut off mark below and their mode of calculations.

In calculation of these, jamb takes 50%, post utme score 40% and five relevant subject (O’ level) which will be added 10%.

Here are O’ level grading system in OAU.

A1  –  2.0 point

B2.  – 1.8 point

B3. — 1.6 point

C4.  – 1.4 point

C5-    1.2  point

D7 –  1.0 point

Let say John had 260 in jamb and 30 in post utme and also have the following O’ level results.

Mathematics B2

English B2

Physics A1

Chemistry C4

Biology B2

Therefore the calculation will be

Jamb score: 260/8 = 35.5

Post utme score=26

O’ level= 1.8+1.8+2.0+1.4+1.8= 8.8

Hence John aggregate will be 35.5+26+8.8=67%


University of Port-Harcourt is a federal university located in choba, river state, Nigeria.

It was established in 1975 as university college Port-Harcourt. It is a second generation with much focus on petroleum.

The cutoff mark for uniport is 150. No specific Departmental cutoff mark. The  high/low score of the overall performance depends on your chance of getting admitted.

Here are the list of engineering courses offer in University of Port-Harcourt.

a. Environmental engineering

b. Electronics engineering

c. Electrical engineering

d. Mechanical engineering

e. Electrical/electronics engineering

f. Petroleum &gas engineering

g. Mechatronics engineering

I. Chemical engineering

j. Civil engineering

Uniport calculation are done by same way apply to university of Ibadan (UI) and university of Benin (UNIBEN).


University of Lagos was founded in 1962. It provided qualitative and research oriented education to Nigerians who wanted to study their desirable courses.

Here are the list of engineering courses in University of Lagos, cutoff mark and mode of calculations.

a. Biomedical engineering          74.2

b. Chemical & petroleum engineering 73.675

c. Civil & environmental engineering 73.6

d. Computer engineering 79.3

e. Electrical & electronics engineering 78.125

f. Mechanical engineering 78.8

g. Metallurgical & material engineering 72.85

I. Petroleum & gas engineering 73. 925

J. Surveying &geoinformation engineering 68.6

k. System engineering 76.475.

Here are mode of calculations

Jamb score: 50%

Post utme score: 30%

O’ level results: 20%

How to calculate your O’level results

A1 – 4 point

B2 – 3.6 point

B3 – 3.2 point

C4 – 2.8 point

C5 – 2.4 point

C6 – 2.0 point


Good luck to every one seeking admission into the various school including aforementioned ones did here, you will Excell if you study smart.

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