Top Fifteen Businesses Ideals for Students in their campuses

As a student in our contemporary time, we should learn skills most especially digital skills, since the world is heading globally.

Reason for skills as a student;

1. It enable you to sort yourself out in terms of any academic pursuit needed to be provided by ones parents.

2. It’s enable self dependent without any ambarrassement from any one.

In our today’s world, it his quite heading globally, because 75% of youth make used of their phone for researches, business transaction and many more.

Financial brokenness can leads many students to depression, drop out for those who Carter for themselves or parents not financially stable.

Here are the list of business ideal in four categories of which you can switch yourself in to start making money, and not to be financially broke while on campus.

1. No special skills

2. Verbal or written skills

3. Technical: design and programming

4. Commercial: marketing and sells.

As a students, you can fixed yourself in any of these categories and start counting your money.

No Special skills 

1. Get paid for Tweeting. 

If you are someone who loves tweeting and was eagerly waiting to  discover a way of making money online on Twitter, then there’s good intention  for you. You can start making money on Twitter just by posting “sponsored tweets”.

Though Twitter are not going to make you a millionaire but instant payment which Will eventually takes you there with consistency.

For you to make money on Twitter, you must be a big follower base then you can  make up to $20 to $100 per tweet.

One of the benefits from these,is that no form of investment is ever needed, just tweet and earn.

2. Earn money with marketing research apps .

Though the apps are not going to make you instant millioniare, but going to sort out financial issues most especially in academic pursuit as a students.

From market research apps to mobile advertising apps to sharing economy apps, anyone can download on or many of these money-making apps from their smart phones.

Some of these apps are,

  1. Money app
  2. Ipoll
  3. Swagbucks.

All these are available for iOS and Android phone.

3. Buy and Sell Domain Names 

A domain names is nothing but buying websites address that you put on your address bar of your browser.  Your main task to make money here, is to find and register domains names which can serve as commercial values in demands in the nearest future.

4. Join Questions and Answer Sites 

Most time questions and answers don’t really depends on Google.

In questions and answer site, it often seen as one of the easiest way to make money as a student.  As a student, all you just need is to provide the answers being asked and you will paid according to the agreement being made between you and your employers. One of the benefits of this, it’s doesn’t requires any investment, you just need is to provide answers to the questions being asked about.

Here are the list of legit site you can register



5. Participate in Useability Testing 

Useability Testing is an act of testing  website, apps, software etc.  And sharing feedback on bugs problem or imploring the user experience. One of the benefits of this app is that, you don’t  need more experience, having special knowledges or getting tools ready for a start.  The only tools needed is your mobile phone or laptop to start testing or find problems of most apps through feedback Of the mobile apps developers.

Here are the site of which you can participate in Useability Testing.






verbal or written skills 

6. Blog 

Being a blogger is an easiest way to make money from home unlike other job. If you need to blog from home, you don’t need to work 5-9hours.

Take note, that blogging takes a lot of time for you to make money, it is not a get rich quick business. You can involved in part time business or job and be blogging. There will be stage you get to earn more than a comfortable limit and then you can be a full time blogger.

As students who have an interest in blogging, he or she need to have more knowledge of things he or she knows of, in order not to deviate from the niche he or she is into.

Here are tips for beginners who want to start blog.

a. Start something of which you are really good at or love doing.

b. Always try to limit your blog in one domains. Avoid multiple domain in a blog because it may lead to unaproval of Google adsense.

c. Use your experience to create a unique contents because it gives a lot of value to the readers.

d. Listen to the readers of your blog and try to solve their problems.

e. Give your blog a lot of commitment. If there is commitment in your blogs, it will flourish but if there aren’t commitment it will leads to death.

f. Think about the style, content, audience, tone of the readers voice when writing a post.

g. Be professional in the way you handle and grow your blog.

h.  Be open mind and willing to collaborate with your colleagues.

Noted, Google adsense ads are part of monetization of which you can earn money from your blog. The more the clicks the more money you keep on earning.

7. Writing Peotry. 

If you love to write Peotry, then this is the way for you.  They are no many opportunities to make money online via writing Peotry, that does not mean you can’t earn if you have passion for writing Peom.

Here are names of website that pays for writing peoms for them when eventually they accept you as their employee. You can also makes search on Google about those websites listed below.

a. The Sun Magazine

b. Rattle

c. Peotry Foundation

d. Crazy horse

e. Three Penny Review

f. Boulevard Magazine.

h. VQR online

I. Silice Magazine

j. New myths etc.

6. Becoming a Ghostwriter

A Ghostwriter is someone who write for other people.

Most busy bloggers, authors and publishers hire ghostwriters for completing their works.  As a Ghostwriter, your essential skills is for you to be able to capture the minds of the reader to a specific topics.

As your ghostwriters you main works includes  writings on blog post, books, magazines, articles ebooks, press release etc.

You are to noted that your will not appear in any of the published post articles, magazines because you will get huge pay according to agreement made by you and your employer.

To get started , you can visit the following website/url and apply for available ghostwriting jobs.



7. Do Voice Acting 

Voice Acting is an art of providing a specific voice to represent a character.

If you have a splendid mimicry voice or  a great voice, you can make money online by using your voice to represent a specific character.

As a voice actor, you can lend your voice to animated movies, presentations,  cartoons, product videos, television programs, anime series, audio books, video games etc.

You can follow the website below, to dig out your voice over job for yourself



Noted, earning depends on the number of work involved in the project. You can start doing small assignments and then hop for the bigger one.

8. Document Translation

Communication is one of the skillful art that enable effective speaking globally. Most businesses that grows globally needs communication within their customers to ensure the flow of marketing.  Most of business passes their informations through emails, helps of tutorial, written blog content, social media platforms etc.

For you as a students to be part of these section, you must be multilingual and can effectively translate or convert documents from one language to another.

Your skills you needed here, is to enable to read, write and translate languages and earn hugely. Most of these languages are Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and french. Learn to be fluent in any of those languages and earn hugely.

The best way to get started is to register in these website.

a. (it contains free online directory translator and translation jobs).

Another way to register based on expertise and abilities.



9. Copywriting 

Copywriting is writing copy for the purpose of advertisements and marketing. All you needed here, is your ability to persuade customers to buy a products or influence them to get there own products.

Your skills needed here is to make a copy to maximize products or goods for sales.

In monetization, here are what you need

A good copywriter are paid huge amount of money for writing a single copy. From the beginning you may as that much you may think but with time or when becomes an expert you earn handsome amount of money.

As a copywriter, you can also earn for creating a sales you are promoting.

You can also earn by freelancing your copywriting skills

Here are list of website you can join and start making your money.




10. Write Articles on Authority Site 

There are alot of authority site or website who are looking for content writers to expand their fan base and maximize profits. Therefore the new ideals from people who can carry them along.

Although most of them have reseachers, team edictors who are experience but needs more people since they cannot carry everything.

This provide opportunity for content writers who want to earn quick cash for writing articles without getting into the  hassle of creating and managing their own blog.

The following are legit website below you can cash out when excepted. Noted each of the site listed below have their means of payment though dependes on the agreement with the employer.

a. (topics cover – travel).

b. (topics cover – make money online/SEO).

c. (topics cover – parenting)

d. covers -finance)

e. (topic cover- general/humor).

Commercial: Marketing and Sales 

11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing where business credits or rewards a certain percentage of commission for product bought by customers who are brought by affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Skills required here, is your ability to promote products online through social media, ads, videos etc.  Individuals or Students who want to be in these section must love to talk, persuade, and explain things in simple manner.

Time you just needed in affiliate marketing is virtually an hour.

If you find favour in starting affiliate marketing here are tips  you needed as a beginner

1. Select an online products from the domain you are familiar with.

2. Look for a website that have multiple domain examples are,

3. Choose a products that pays you atleast 50% commission of each sales.

4. Get a affiliate links created by the vendor and start promoting it.

5. Through the affiliate link, promote it on social site like Facebook, Twitter etc in order to earn handsome amount of money.

Technical: design and programming 

12. Develop Mobile App 

These section is quite suitable for people most especially the students who love mobile app and mobile technology.

The skills required here, as a students is having a knowledge of iOS and Android coding which will gives you an adge of advantage. Though they are online apps which use can use without any knowledge of coding which includes


b.  etc.

These are the online apps you can use to create your own apps though it’s advisable to have knowledge of coding.

From this you can earn through display of ads on your website and also the more the user the more money keeps flowing.

13. Online Tutorial 

Due to the growth of busy lifestyle, may people most especially Students stay convenience in online teaching or couching. The growth of internet based have made teaching realistic.

As a result,the growth of online tutors is growing faster.  If you are the types that love helping others to learn, online tutoring could be the gateway for massive income for you.

Here are the online tutoring site you can attached yourself and earn massively.





14. Youtube Channel

Starting a you tube channel is an easiest way to make money as a student and no any investment involved.

Your skills just needed is the ability to create a video using a software tools or record a video using your phone or camcorder.  With time you get handsome payment when i get to the level monetization.

15.  Graphics design 

Graphic design is one of the most important aspect in businesses because graphics are something that catches our attention and attract us towards our products and business brands.

As you can see,due to the rise of internet and technology, new businesses are spawning up and that’s why theathe need for an eye catching graphics has become crucial to many businesses.

You as a student who want to make money online can leverage this opportunity to change your fortunes.

As a student you can find graphics design jobs in the following website/url below






Here are the fifteenth list of business ideas you needed as a student to be financially stable, and not to be dependent on sponsors. Most of students in our various campuses often depends on sponsors perhaps they might be rich, but noted the world is heading digital and need not to be outdated except you don’t want to cash out.

Students are set of people who usually encounter brokenness and can put end to that by engaging on digital skills which have already been provided above.


Please do share to friends, course mates to have such wonderful opportunities just like you.


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