Top (10) World Ranking Universities In UK 2023.

According to the latest release of uniranking of various universities in the world 2023, Here are top best universities in united kingdom. The ranking is done according to number of product and turn out every year, teaching practices and researches done and carry out by the universities.

Here are the top universities in united kingdom with city and world ranking position in 2023 release by the Higher Education (THE).

1. University of Oxford

World Ranking: 1

City: Oxford.

2. University of Cambridge

World Ranking: 3

City: Cambridge

3. Imperial College London

World Ranking: 10

City: London

4. UCL

World Ranking: 22

City: London

5. University of Edinburgh

World Ranking: 29

City: Edinburgh

6. King’s College London

World Ranking: 35

City: London

7. London School of Economics and Political Science.

World Ranking: 37

City: London

8. University of Manchester

World Ranking: 54

City: Manchester

9. University of Bristol

World Ranking: 76

City: Bristol

10. University of Glasgow

World Ranking: 82

City: Glasgow


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