Top 10 Ontario Employment Agencies That Can Get You A Job

In today’s highly competitive corporate environment, the ability to hire correctly can frequently mean the difference between success and stagnation.

According to a Deloitte survey, over 56% of Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises struggle to locate the right talent.

An increasing number of these businesses are turning to recruitment firms to address this issue.

These agencies, with their broad networks, market insights, and hiring skills, maybe the secret weapon that startups and SMBs require to outperform their competitors in the hunt for top-tier talent.

However, the advantages of working with recruitment agencies can be enhanced when combined with intelligent hiring technologies like GoHire, which centralize and simplify your whole hiring process.

Now, let’s look at the top 10 Ontario employment agencies that can get you a job

Top 10 Ontario Employment Agencies That Can Get You A Job

1. Robert Half

Robert Half Canada, one of the world’s largest recruitment firms, is well-known for its expertise in finance, accounting, and technology.

Their thorough expertise in the Canadian market, along with a broad network of professionals, makes them a dependable partner for SMBs.

Robert Half’s specialized service and expertise in a variety of industries have helped them maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, demonstrating their excellent client satisfaction.

The company has over 100,000 candidates in its database, ensuring that businesses have a diverse pool of talent to choose from.

2. Randstad

Randstad Canada, one of the country’s major recruitment companies, specializes in IT, engineering, finance, and other industries.

They find the ideal blend between human interaction and technology to present clients with the greatest options.

Staffing Industry Analysts named Randstad the “Best Staffing Firm to Temp For” in 2020, recognizing their commitment to excellence.

This title represents their strong talent pool, which offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses.

3. Kelly Services

Kelly Services has been a trusted name in the staffing industry for more than 70 years, providing innovative workforce solutions to both companies and job seekers.

Kelly Services, which specializes in temporary staffing, permanent placement, and outsourcing services, works with a variety of industries, including engineering, information technology, healthcare, and finance.

Their commitment to excellence, combined with their global network and local knowledge, positions them as a top choice for both employers and job seekers.

4. Adecco

Adecco Canada, part of the global Adecco Group, is a leading provider of human resource solutions.

They provide a wide range of services, from temporary and contract hiring to permanent recruitment and talent management.

Adecco Canada’s presence in 60 countries and portfolio of 100,000 organizations demonstrates its global repute and dependability.

5. Manpower

Manpower is a prominent staffing and recruitment service that provides specialized workforce solutions to meet the changing demands of businesses and job seekers.

Manpower, which specializes in temporary employment, permanent placement, and workforce management services, serves a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, information technology, and customer support.

They are an excellent alternative for professionals looking for jobs in Ontario due to their proactive recruitment strategy and extensive industry experience.

6. Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals is a top staffing company in Canada.

They assist small and medium-sized businesses in finding qualified candidates for administrative, commercial, and professional positions.

According to their annual report, Express employs over 552,000 individuals in 2020 and plans to help a million people find work each year.

This demonstrates their broad reach in the labor market, providing numerous options for businesses to locate the right fit.

7. The Bagg Group

Since 1971, The Bagg Group has been a well-known recruitment firm in the Greater Toronto Area and internationally.

The Bagg Group specializes in temporary staffing, permanent placement, and executive search services for a variety of industries, including administration, finance, information technology, and healthcare.

With a focus on professionalism, ethics, and individual service, they have established themselves as a reliable partner for both job seekers and businesses in Ontario.

8. Hays

Hays is a global recruitment agency that specializes in professional and technical hiring solutions and has a strong presence in Ontario’s labor market.

Hays specializes in fields such as construction, engineering, information technology, and finance, supporting job seekers in finding fulfilling career possibilities and employers in hiring top personnel.

Their consulting approach, market insights, and candidate-centric services position them as a reliable partner for individuals and companies navigating Ontario’s competitive job market.

9. Procom

Procom is a leading provider of IT staffing and workforce solutions, with a strong presence in Ontario’s IT sector.

Procom specializes in contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent employment, connecting qualified IT experts with top businesses in a variety of industries.

Their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made them a favored partner for businesses seeking specialized talent and IT workers looking for great career opportunities in Ontario.

10. Talentcor

Talentcor is a prominent recruitment and staffing agency in Ontario, specializing in industrial, administrative, and professional tasks.

Talentcor, which specializes in temporary employment, permanent placement, and recruiting outsourcing, serves a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and finance.

Talentcor’s focus on client satisfaction and comprehensive approach to talent acquisition makes it a valuable partner for both job seekers and companies.

To summarize, navigating Ontario’s job market can be difficult, but with the assistance of top employment agencies, job seekers can discover a wide range of opportunities that are personalized to their skills and preferences.

These organizations provide comprehensive workforce solutions to match your needs, whether you’re looking for temporary assignments, permanent employment, or executive roles.

Job seekers in Ontario’s changing job market can improve their employment prospects and embark on fulfilling career paths by leveraging their sector expertise, wide networks, and specialized services.

Other Toronto Recruitment Agencies You Might Be Interested in

Motion Recruitment

Motion Recruitment is a major Toronto hiring service that specializes in assisting clients in finding IT expertise.

Tech workers who pay less attention to their brand, social networking, and marketing require the assistance of an expert recruitment panel to ensure that their skills are recognized and exposed to the appropriate companies.

They have created a useful platform that will help both young and professional IT enthusiasts and employers who are actively hunting for them.

Furthermore, they have mastered the art of scouting for the proper talent and ensuring that individuals are placed in roles that match their skill set.

They have a team of recruiters who are tasked with acquiring expertise in various IT areas so that job possibilities can be limited down to the most qualified candidates.

Motion Recruitment may help you hire IT experts. It might be software engineers, web designers, developers, or mobile app developers.

They can arrange workers to meet your specific needs, whether you require an individual, a team, a senior resource, or a qualified digital agency.


Talent Tank is one of Toronto’s booming IT recruitment services, supported by seasoned GTA recruiters with extensive industry expertise.

The organization has identified crucial areas to seek the proper personnel, ensuring that bright individuals are hand-picked in no time. It saves time and effort, which could take weeks or months in an IT house.

Over the years, the organization has built a vast network of clients, prospects, and recruiters, making it easier to match the right people with the right opportunity.

The agency believes in adopting best practices to create and manage a network talent pool.


Clarify has been recognized for its remarkable efforts in forming teams that assist organizations in growing tremendously.

The organization has extensive experience in hiring excellent workers for a wide range of areas and sectors.

They have unparalleled expertise in locating professionals in accounting, human resources, finance, and business operations. Companies need to hire staff who plan to stay for a long time.

It is much easier for any organization to find junior and middle-level resources. The true challenge arises when they need to locate passionate employees for high management and executive positions.

Clarity’s huge executive database allows for the easy hiring of specialists to lead the financial department and make critical decisions.


It is one of Toronto’s most trusted recruitment services, formed by IT professionals.

It has been acknowledged as the greatest firm for recruiting IT specialists because the founders have been through the full battle, resulting in a more customized solution.

The agency also provides career advice to recent graduates who are about to enter the job market.

With their extensive industry knowledge, they recognize their abilities and competence and select a professional path that will lead to success.

The organization is extending its help to job searchers so that they do not suffer injustice during their employment search.

Sales Talent Agency

Sales Talent Agency began operations in 2007 and quickly established itself as one of Toronto’s top recruiters.

The organization has come a long way to build this type of business, having tried and tested numerous business ideas.

With over a decade of business experience, the company now specializes in projecting sales experts.

Sales Talent Agency, as the name implies, has collaborated with a talent pool of sales experts who have demonstrated their success in various roles through accomplishments.

Leap Recruitment Partners

Leap Recruitment Partners is a Toronto-based, exclusive job agency. It was founded to enhance the Canadian recruitment business.

It believes in developing and keeping positive relationships with employers and employees so that both parties’ professional needs are addressed.

The agency was formed to promote trust, integrity, and ingenuity in its field. To demonstrate their unrivaled recruitment talents, they started it from their agency by assembling a team of experts who like what they do.

With a competent staff of human resource management, the agency can bring you closer to the talent you are looking for.


IQ Partners is a leading executive search service in Toronto that offers to refer and employ the best resources for your company’s culture and demands.

The organization believes in assisting businesses in hiring the proper personnel so that they do not have to hunt for new talent shortly.

Giving access to top talent helps businesses maintain their human resources and hire less frequently.

The organization has extensive experience recruiting professionals for a range of industries.

They can provide you with a list of shortlisted applicants, whether you require a junior, middle, or senior-level resource.

The organization conducts interviews and test sessions regularly to add brilliant people to their lists, ensuring that qualified applicants are highlighted first among possible prospects.

Staffmax Staffing & Recruiting

When it comes to the best Toronto recruitment firms, Staffmax comes out on top. The firm maintains close relationships with both employees and employers in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

With such a large network, businesses may easily fill open positions. If you’re weary of publishing job advertising and doing frequent interviews but still can’t find the appropriate candidate, Staffmax is the place to go.

Staffmax will connect you with numerous applicants who have passed the initial screening, first interviews, and tests to be considered for a final interview in your business-specific employment role. Simultaneously, the company benefits the candidates.

The young, active, and unemployed community might seek career advice and personality development to qualify for high-paying positions.


What is the best agency for jobs in Canada?

  • PeopleReady.
  • The Headhunters Recruitment.
  • Just Sales Jobs.
  • Ekanite Consulting.
  • Kovasys IT Recruitment Inc.
  • Bilingual Source.
  • Sales Talent Agency.
  • STRIVE Recruitment.

How do job agencies work in Canada?

Employment and recruitment agencies exist for three primary reasons: Assist companies and employers in recruiting employees for available positions. Match job seekers with employer positions. Companies hire individuals to test or evaluate job-related abilities.

What are employment Ontario service providers?

Employment Ontario Service Providers provide Employment Ontario programs and services under a contract with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development (MLITSD).

What is a local employment agency?

An employment agency is an organization that assists both people and companies in finding work.

Employment agencies can be either privately owned or publicly provided and controlled. Their services are provided to the unemployed, individuals seeking new or better jobs, and employers.

Who is eligible for employment in Ontario services?

The Employment Service offers all Ontarians access to the job market and employment services. Employment Insurance (EI) eligibility does not indicate eligibility for any component of the Employment Service.


Navigating the complex hiring process is not easy, especially for startups and SMBs looking to develop and scale quickly.

A reputable recruitment agency may alleviate this load by providing in-depth industry expertise, wide networks, and professional advice.

The top 10 Ontario employment agencies that can get you a job included in this guide have consistently provided great service.

However, in today’s digital world, improving your recruitment process does not stop with selecting the proper recruitment firm.

Integration of modern hiring solutions, such as GoHire, can significantly improve your hiring approach.