Tips To Boast Your GPA.

The goal of being an undergraduate after going through a series of test perhaps jamb, weac, post utme and so on, its not worth easily but through hard worked and preparation to be among the best competitors being admitted in any given field of study.

After being admitted into any institutions of your choice, the questions that comes next is, how can you attain a better grades that may gives you wider opportunity in labour market?

Here are the tips to boast your gpa in any field of study.

1. Set a goal for yourself 

A goal is a  result of attempting to achieve ambition, objectives, purpose etc.

For a better grade as a student, goal is seen as one factor that drive you to success. You need to set specific objectives for yourself on regular basis for instance, you can set a goal for total number of grades you need to achieve at end of the semester or per-sesion this will enable you to stayed focused in order to attain your want. You can further set goal on how to carry out you regular routine when back from lectures in order to balance up with your schedule time.

2. Join a study group

A group is a collection of individuals with same interest to achieve a common goal.  Joining a group, is of great helps because it gives an adge for better advantage been carried out in the group such as, asking questions you are not clear about, gives wides scopes of any topics been discussed about and where by people perspectives on a topics on certain topics, strike more as motivation for you to get ahead and stay proactive. This enhancing more knowledge to get better grades.

3.  Improve note-taking skills.

Effective note taking is another factors that aid to improve a better grades in school. The reason for note-taking, is to recall things been done in lecture hall either through Lecturers or course mate who might despatch knowledgeable before the end of the classes or lecture. Having notes helps you to complete your assignment. Class assignment helps you to get higher grades in contributing to your GPA.

4. Asking Questions during class 

Asking questions during lecture and class activities, gives you a wide scope to understand the concept of the topic. Asking questions can spark creativity and new ways of thinking because it’s a starting point for collaboration. It enable one to recalled what have been taught perhaps during the period of lectures.

5. Working with high GPA peers 

Working with high GPA peers or surrounding yourself with an academic achievers in your classes helps alot to build your gpa perhaps by studying methods they uses or appl6 during their study period. When you form studying group, introduce yourself to others classmates who have similar goal as yours, value their success and apply positive academic habits. These peers can excellently support group in broading your knowledge and how to apply their strategies to stay motivated.

6. Rehearse 

Rehearsing, is also better way to improve your GPA. The best methods to rehearse, is to take look at information during studying of which you can remember, then reproduce it in different sheets of paper until it gets still to the brain.

7. Use Mnemonic

Mnemonics are study techniques for rembering any thing more easily.

Using mnemonics helps alot because it’s usually a short cut for remember things you seems to have forgotten. Example of the mnemonics are

I chidi, the Ceo of which is of three categories, campus news, brainstorm, gist. Call be recall by using the as mnemonics (CNBG). Whereby letter C, for campushints, letter N, for news, letter B, for brainstorm and letter G for gist.

Using mnemonics doesn’t involve letters only, you can use numbers, shapes, symbols and even your own words for remembrance.

8. Put extra effort in assignment

Assignment is one of major factor that helps alot to get higher grades in your GPA. Its so unfortunately, many students find it difficult to do theory assignment probably they thought lecturers are not ready to stress themselves in any given assignment. Assignment should be taking serious in school, because most lecturers may use it as test, attendance which may led to heavy reduction of marks for students who didn’t participate in any given assignment or continuous assessment.

9. Use past questions/test to study 

Many students finds it difficult to study with past questions, the actual truth which must be told, lecturers do repeat their questions from past questions and it will merely be a walk over for students who makes use of it. Some people might devote their time, reading all textbooks recommended from the lecturers without going through past questions. The truth is that past questions, serve as eyes openers, on how the exam might be set, and even repeated questions seems to be like walk over for students who make use of it.

10. Break things down to your level of knowledge

Breaking things down to your level of knowledge seems to be higher mnemonics needed. You are not study everything in one sitting. Even trying to do that you might forget things you have learnt earlier for the day. Try to study at your own limit because you are not computer. Even computer process a bit of data. For you to get broad scope to any of study text, make uses of multiple source or materials because you are going to learn different knowledge from the writers. Another way you can break things down for proper understanding, RS (RRR) Reads, Recall and review. These also best methods things down With a little help of note-taking during studying periods or time.

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