Tips of Being Your Own Partner Without A Study Buddy

Many students says what they like best about working with a partner is that, it takes the heat off.

There is less stress when you are sharing the pressure with someone else. Though two heads are better than one. Whatever reasons, you can pretends by working with a pairs or someone else in a room. The only thing is that, you are just imagine yourself as own partner, a coach. Trust me it’s quite fun, not difficult as you may think.

Here are the tips of being your own partner or help mate.

1. Talk to yourself like a partner.

Here comes the question, what the you like about working with a study buddy? If you haven’t worked with a partner or a study buddy yet, what did you think you would like about working with them.

Talking to yourself self during pre-study and after studying, is one of the factor for students who doesn’t have buddy or doesn’t feel of having any.

Since you are your own partner now, talk to yourself like a partner, it will trigger your thinking.

One of the things that makes working with a study buddy so helpful, is that the other personal try to makes connections of what you have learnt so far. The more you makes connections of what you already know, the more it stick to your memory. For example, a study buddy may say, ” that reminds me the last conversation of we held last or talking about…”  And quickly your memory is triggered!

Your reading partner can triggers your memory of things you have learnt so far, most especially on the past, through recalling what you have read, see and which you have assimilate for better understanding of such concept of the topics

2. Pretend your study buddy is sitting close to you.

Another way you can be a partner, is to pretend your partner is sitting close to you. This is helpful especially if you have worked with a study buddy before and now preparing for examination on your own.

As being your own partner during study session, you can talk to yourself, record of five to ten minutes of what you have learnt about for the day during pre-study. Ask yourself  questions you feel your buddy may asked and that goes along while studying. Questions like ” what would will have happened…, Why the effects…, How…” and this more.

After studying, ask yourself new information and review things you note down during each study session and make sure you add questions and answers that makes connections with the mind.

3. Get the most from your session.

Getting more from your study session, deserve more and proper attention of yourself. If you are going to really help yourself, applied the methods that works for you and these could be;

a. Appreciate your learning styles.

b. Start with positive

c. Use sensitive talk

d. Listen to attentively

You can apply each of these to yourself.

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