Sixteen positive impact on “Have”

Sixteen positive impact on Have.

Have in English language is regards as verb in part of speech. Here are the lmpact on have which moves mountain.

  1. Have faith enough to move mountains in your life.
  2. Have patience enough to let faith complete its work on you.
  3. Have forgiveness enough to never let the sun go down on your weath.
  4. Have honesty enough to never have to remember what you said.
  5. Have peace enough to pass all understanding.
  6. Have strength enough to battle obstacles and overcome them.
  7. Have mercy enough to forgive and forget.
  8. Have gratitude enough to say “thank you” for the small things
  9. Have wisdom enough to fear and obey him.
  10. Have obedience enough to do what is right without thinking twice.
  11. Have hope enough to keep your heart looking forward.
  12. Have perseverance enough to run the entire race that is set before you.
  13. Have courage enough to Pace and fight any opposition you Know
  14. Have fun enough to enjoy every aspect of life
  15. Have love enough to give to those who deserves the least but need it most
  16. Have purpose enough to know why not just how

All these are the qualities which takes you to a better ground.

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