Preparation for Essay Tests

Preparation for an Essay Tests

On essay test ask questions that can’t be answer in short, simple facts. Each questions requires that you think about the answer and spend time in answering it in writing, but there is a lot you can do in advance. The boys Scotts have a motto: Be prepared!  Before the test, you can prepare for both direct and indirect questions by asking yourself question directly from the test and questions based on the test and writing down your answers.

Time Management

Time management is considered as one of the important factors. In time management, you want to make most of the time allocated for taking the test so that you you have sufficient time for answering and checking each question before the time is up.

Whenever you have been given essay questions as a whole, here are the tips to look on.

  • Read the entire test over before you start to any questions
  • Count the number of questions and make note of how much time you have left to complete the test; give yourself a rough time limit for each question – this includes time for checking and correcting your answers
  • First answer the easiest questions
  • When you go back to answer tougher questions, begin with ones you are more comfortable with. There is bound to be some that seem less difficult than others. Sometimes writing on a topic you know we’ll reminds you of something you have forgotten. A “bell” might go off in your head , making a tough question easier to answer.

Types of Essay questions

  1. Direct question
  2. Indirect question

Direct questions: if the question is direct, you know what you are being asked and to go about it.

Indirect questions: if it’s indirect questions, you have to figure out what is being asked. Usually, there is not one correct answer but several possible answers, depending upon your interpretation, opinion or reaction to the questions and subject matter.

What makes writing make sense 

Reding is the flip side of writing. What makes something work for you as a reader is the same thing that helps your writing making sense.

Think about something you really enjoyed reading, anything at all- a newspaper or magazine, article, a short story, a book. Maybe you just finished reading it last year – write in your note book what it was and why you liked it.

Here are tips that makes writing more sensible.

  1. Has to hold more interest
  2. Must makes sense
  3. Must get the reader imagination going
  4. Order of events has to makes sense
  5. Has use language I understand
  6. Has to use correct spelling and punctuation

Make sure your writing meet the expectations of the reader or for others aurlthors.

Planning your essay before writing will actually save your time in correctin phase.

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