List of Cheap Colleges in Canada for International Students

Schooling is fun generally, coupled with the academic atmosphere if it happens to be cheap, getting to meet new people, learning new things, and participating in extracurricular activities. but it all depends on the kind of environment you want to start a solid academic base and how affordable it can be.

You might not be favored based on the educational system in your country, but Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. International Students would love to immigrate to Canada to study based on the well-structured and planned curriculum that Colleges in Canada offer. This is why most of the colleges are saturated with not only local but international students coming from various parts of the world.

If your dream is to study in Canada as an international student, you should be able to ascertain if the fee comes cheap, or whether it would be the ideal place for you to study. When it comes to immigration policies in Canada, it favors international students and immigrants. It is therefore trite to state that Canada has one of the best immigration policies in the world.

In 2021, over 500,000 study permits were issued to international students by the Canadian government, and they are still approving various students with prospective future careers to come over to study in Canada.

Are you looking for a solid academic foundation? If yes then the right college can help you get there to prepare the perfect and desirable future career for you. Noteworthy, there are cheap colleges in Canada for International students which they are oblivious about, but would rather choose to settle in colleges where the fees are expensive, and they will be left with no choice but to pay for the tuition. This is one of the bad sides of not doing deep research on the kind of college to apply for.

International students should explore, and go to a college where there’s no path and also lead the trail. These colleges are highly affordable and they are also approved under the Designated Learning Institution List (DLI) and Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWP) list for Canada and also serve as a good recommendation for international students.

What are the Cheap Colleges in Canada for International Students?

These colleges are highly affordable and you will get the value of your funds and utilized resources by receiving adequate education with a well-structured and planned curriculum regardless of the respective course you intend to study. Let’s take a peek at them below.

10 Cheap Colleges in Canada for International Students

  1. George Brown College

This college started operations in 1968, and it was established in Toronto. With over 2000 students to kick off its academic system, the figure led to over 30,000 students getting enrolled to study. The programs offered by this college are preferably ideal for international students. When it comes to developing skills, you can count this college as one of the best Canada has to offer. It also provides international students with real-world experience, and there is a high tendency to get a job with this college’s certificate.


  1. Sheridan College

If you are looking for a good College to further your education, then Sheridan College is what you shouldn’t hesitate to apply for as an international student. Although this college is based in Ontario, its origin traces back to 1967, which is like a welcoming abode for both Canadian and international students. Every student is provided with a learning setting aimed at accelerating the hot wheels of innovation and creativity.

Sheridan College cannot be completely mentioned without attributing it to a vibrant academic environment based on diverse paces where international students find themselves. The cost comes cheap and students get to derive surplus benefits from its practical and experimental learning style with sophisticated programs and work-integrated learning opportunities.


  1. Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology

You might get confused at first when locating this College because it has three main campuses. This is a public college that was founded in 1966 in Hamilton Ontario. International students from more than 80 countries visit this school every year and why? Because they find it very cheap to do so. Several students would love to settle for quality with less cost, and this is what defines Mohawk.

They also take hold of the potential advantages of various programs and services offered by the college. If you’re an international student with a professional prospect, this college has several programs for you based on your choice of study.

Additionally, the avenues for skill acquisition are open to all and sundry. As a result, international students will get ready to face whatever lies ahead and be exposed to the possibilities of the world. This prestigious college also produces graduates in various fields of learning to groom them for the workforce and the future.


  1. Lethbridge College

When you hear about Lethbridge Community College, then it’s the same thing as referring to Lethbridge College itself. The only difference is that the former was the previous name before the latter was adopted. This college was established in 1957 and it was regarded as the first publicly funded college in Canada. Owing to its cheap rate of education for Canadians and international students, there have been over 4,000 applicants per year, and this college is also known for its rigorous curriculum and student placement.

Lethbridge is a nice place to be, especially for international students and if they want to transfer to another university, it comes very easy because Lethbridge has transfer agreements with the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, and also the University of Lethbridge. Therefore, the transferring process to any of those aforementioned colleges for international students proves to be less cumbersome to enable them to move further with their bachelor’s degree studies.


  1. Northern Lakes College

As a public college that was founded in 1999, Northern Lakes is one of the cheapest and offers various courses for international students to study. It is based in Alberta and has more than. 25 campuses. Northern Lakes College is well known for its small class sizes, and this shows that they don’t intend to accommodate many students. Nevertheless, the lecturers are professional in their respective fields. Being in this college also allows you to study your preferred choice of course.


  1. Northern Lights Colleges

With various Campus locations situated around various areas in Canada like Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Chetwynd, Fort Nelson, and Tumbler Ridge, you should know that wherever you find yourself, you’re still within the northern lights campus. Coupled with the cheap tuition fee, students get to study the courses of Their dreams. The application fee is less costly, which will save more money for incoming international students.


  1. Seneca College

If you seek affordability, your wishes have been granted if you’re on the look for a good college in Canada that offers baccalaureate, diploma certification, and graduate-level degrees because in Seneca College you have the opportunity to study and obtain any of them based on your choice of study. Seneca is also known by various international students and is also famous for its HELIX, which is an innovation and entrepreneurship incubator made for its students, faculty, and community members.


  1. Holland College

Holland College, situated in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, is a community college known for its strong academics and impressive student placement record since its founding in 1969. It has earned a reputation for quality education while remaining one of Canada’s budget-friendly college options.

The college presently operates across four campuses: Charlottetown, Georgetown Center, Summerside, and Alberton. With relatively low tuition fees, the college provides an accessible education option for international students.


  1. Aurora College

Having amassed more than four decades of experience, Aurora College has adeptly collaborated with Northern residents to foster a strong and thriving community in the northern regions. Although the tuition fees are cheap for international students, the college maintains three campuses, situated in Inuvik, Fort Smith, and Yellowknife.

Notably, it stands as the sole English-language higher education institution in the Northwest Territories. While offering a diverse range of certificate and diploma programs, Aurora College presently provides two bachelor’s degree options.


  1. Centennial College

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, Centennial College stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of quality education. Founded in 1966, it bears the honor of being the oldest public college in the province. Across its illustrious history, Centennial has etched a reputation founded on exemplary pedagogy and the introduction of pioneering programs.

This commitment to innovative teaching has firmly established the institution as a beacon of educational excellence. Students and educators alike are woven into the fabric of Centennial’s story, contributing to its ongoing narraOntario is the favored choice for immigrants in Canada, particularly due to the vibrant city of Toronto and its expanding tech job opportunities. tive of success and influence in the realm of higher education.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Canada accept Moi?

Yes, Canada accepts Medium of Instruction (MOI.) Meanwhile, in the country, there are some excellent colleges where you can apply even if you haven’t taken the IELTS test. Instead, you can provide scores from other English tests or a certificate showing you’ve studied in English when applying.

Can international students work in Nova Scotia?

Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours every week when classes are in session. During the regular academic breaks, they can work full-time. Moreover, they can work both on campus and off campus.

Who approves a visa in Canada?

The Government of Canada is responsible for processing your visa application and making the decision about whether you’ll receive a visa or not.

Which city is easiest to migrate to in Canada?

Ontario is the favored choice for immigrants in Canada, particularly due to the vibrant city of Toronto and its expanding tech job opportunities.

Which visa is easier to get in Canada?

Express Entry is Canada’s quickest and most well-liked immigration program. People who apply through Express Entry might get permanent resident status in just six months.

What is the quickest way to move to Canada?

The express entry program offers the quickest way to gain permanent residency in Canada. However, it’s important to be a highly skilled individual. The process involves earning points based on your experience, qualifications, education, and skills. This falls under the express entry program umbrella.

What jobs are in demand for international students in Canada?

Great job options in Canada for international students include IT support, surgeon, dentist, lawyer, sales representative, marketing manager, petroleum engineer, and teacher. Opt for a course that ensures your future success and secures well-paying jobs in Canada.

Which province makes it easy to get a student visa in Canada?

The Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) or Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OPNP) provides excellent chances for immigration hopefuls and is seen as an accessible pathway to Canadian PR. This large Canadian province is known for its straightforward regulations, fast immigration procedure, and high invitation rates.


Pursuing higher education in Canada as an international student offers a valuable opportunity to experience a well-structured curriculum in an enriching academic environment. The quest for affordability should not be underestimated, and there are indeed colleges that provide quality education at a lower cost.

These colleges cater to the diverse needs of international students, fostering practical learning and innovation. With Canada’s favorable immigration policies and the potential for work opportunities during studies, these colleges present an accessible avenue for international students to achieve their academic and career goals. Thorough research is vital to find a college that aligns with one’s academic aspirations and budget, ensuring a successful and meaningful educational journey.



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