Westphalia Treaty (The peace of Westphalia).

The peace of Westphalia was a series of peace treaties signed in may and October 1648 in Westphalian cities of Osnabrück and münster that ended the thirty years war.

Key points to Westphalia treaty.

Under here are the key points which will be able to gives you the scope of what the topic is all about.

Belows are the key points to Westphalia treaty.

1. The end of thirty years war was not brought by one treaty but a group of treaties collectively known as peace of Westphalia.

2. The Treaty did not restore peace through out Europe but create basis for national self determination.

3. The Treaty ensure the returned of principle of Augsburg of 1555 of which the princes is to determined of whose realm should rule(cius regio eius religion).

4. Along the several territorial adjustment.

5. The Treaty extended the minority religion through tolerance and to practice their religion freely.

6. The peace of Westphalia established important precedent for sovereignty, inter-state diplomacy and balance of power in Europe.

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Also noted the treaties were by group which was collective known as peace of Westphalia or Westphalia treaty.

Among those who signed the treaty were

Peace of münster: these involved the Spain and the dutch.

Treaty of münster: these also involved the holy Roman empire and France with their respective allies.

Treaty of Osnabrück: treaty involving the holy Roman empire and Sweden with their respective allies.

Also when negotiations were carried out, their were 109 representatives in Europe and some sovereign free imperial cities.

Also, students are to noted that the Westphalia treaty did not only ends the thirty years’s war(1618-1648) but also eighty year’s war(1568-1648) which were revolve around Spain and the dutch.

Those key words are exact points on Westphalia treaty and to be study through for more details which will improve your lengthy words in any given exam.

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