Importance Of Note Taking And Its Threshold

Note Taking

Whether attending lectures, revising for an exams, preparing presentation or planning essays, notes have vital role to play. But could we be more efficient with our note-taking? Could we used methods which makes ournote more usable, easier to comprehend, more visual-something to help our brains picture all relevant information its entirety? The answer is yes.

What are Note for?

But first, the basics. There are extremely good reasons why note are essential.

  1. Note effectively as filter, helping you to concentrate and prioritise key areas of importance while disregarding irrelevant information
  2. They provide quick reference for examination
  3. They aid understanding
  4. Because they are your own unique interpretation of information, they are in themselves memorable.

They facilitate an overview of a topic and appeal to both your imagination and your sense of logic and order.

The Attention Threshold

Have you ever sat through an entire lesson or lecture and remember virtually nothing of what you heard? Silly question, really; but why does this happen? It was probably owning to two or more of these

  1. The lecture was delivered in a listless monotone
  2. You had a total lack of interest in the subject or course
  3. The lecturer was a turn-off
  4. The lecturer was a turn-off
  5. You were suffering from a lack of sleep
  6. The subject matter was too complicated to absorb or there was too much information
  7. Stress- either from the pressure of study or owning to social or domestic reasons.

Stress is the major factor aid to the memory and recall loss.

Whatever the reason for your lack of concentration, note taking can ease the problem.

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