How To Know A Genius

Well, everyone is quite intelligent.  it only depends how far you train yourself for that to be called a genius. And for you to called a genius, you must have discover your learning styles and able to make use of them properly.

From my perspective being intelligent is more than being able to recite Shakespeare after one read(once) or to do calculus  (not with)  in your head.

In terms business terms, a smart business man can add figures quickly in his head. A clever business man can flatter you with you with praises while an intelligent business man knows that if he can create a win-win situation with you, he can establish a money-relationship that will extend far beyond this one sale or deal.

Imagine running into a friend you haven’t seen for a long time. The friend is on  a hurry to catch a bus. Neither you has paper or pen. The friend tells you his phone number. What do you do to try to remember the number…?

Imagine you’re traveling by bus to a town you haven’t been to before. You pass a billboard with important hotel or restaurant information. You don’t have paper or pen with you, what do you do try to remember what’s on the billboard…?

The answer to all these is by boosting your learning styles. Learning styles include

The eyes

The ears




There are many combinations of learning styles as there are people! The way to find out about yourself, is to pay attention to when and how to differentiate and identify them.

Account to those learning styles you exhibit, it’s quite obvious every individual have his or her own. My people might try as possible to copy from others but it won’t work because all faces are not equal likewise all finger print are not the same.

Every individual have there various learning styles of which they are make proper good of it.

Let’s take instances from three persons who are students of University of Benin, Nigeria. Example of these characters for instances are John, Joy and Kenny.

These list of characters are in Departments of history.

John being the first character have his learning styles of which is use to comprehend histories most especially their dates and events. Let say John learning styles is Eyes view. As the process of these, John can use his eyes to comprehend faster than listening, doings, ordering in ascending and descending order.

He may comprehend my veiwing most of the history pictures and the dates and even go to the extent of watching moves to know how events occurs and means of it took places. Any other styles by listen to friends or radio may sound boring to John.

The next character is Joy. Joy may have her own combination of styles such as veiwing and listening. She may be the types who listens to friends on stories which may sound very interested for her. She may be the types that don’t stories to end either by listening to friends, radios or Even reading from text books l, pdf file etc

The last character Kenny. Kenny may have more than three learning styles and the typical refers to as genius. Though he may inherit from his parents either by progeny or pedigree. He may have doing as his learning styles apart from listening and viewing. Doings is the type of learning styles either puting or start things in ascending order or descending order for easy comprehending. Apart from these, Kenny may use through the use of images to recall pass events or history dates that is otherwise called retain memory. Ability to flash back or recall what he have read or listen.

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