How to Apply to Study at the University of Guelph and the Cost of Studying there as an Immigrating Student

How to Apply to Study at the University of Guelph and the Cost of Studying there as an Immigrating Student

The University of Guelph is a public research university located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1964 and is known for its strong programs in the areas of agriculture, veterinary medicine, and environmental sciences.

The university also offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in other fields such as business, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.

In respect to how specifically the university of Guelph detailed their information, we’ll be treating how to apply to study at the University of Guelph and the cost of studying there as an immigrant student for undergraduate and graduate simultaneously.

University of Guelph Application requirements

There’s a distinct application requirement for undergraduates and graduates to meet before applying for the university of Guelph:

#1. Requirements for International Undergraduate

To apply as an international undergraduate student to the University of Guelph, you will need to submit the following:

  • Online application form and application fee
  • Official transcripts from all secondary and post-secondary institutions attended
  • English language proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or CAEL)
  • Supporting documents such as a personal statement, resume, and letter of recommendation
  • Proof of financial support to cover tuition and living expenses
  • Copy of passport or other government-issued identification

In addition, Guelphs admission requirements for international undergraduate is subcategories into three, which are:

  • Requirements by Country
  • Requirement by Curriculum
  • Requirement by Degree

See the University of Guelph’s website for the most up-to-date information.

#2. Requirements for International Graduates

The specific admission requirements for graduate programs at the University of Guelph can vary depending on the program. However, in general, most graduate programs at the University of Guelph will require the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
  • Minimum GPA of B+ (3.3 out of 4.0) in your last two years of full-time study
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (some programs may waive this requirement)
  • English Language Proficiency (ELP) scores, if English is not your first language
  • Two letters of reference
  • A statement of intent or personal statement
  • Any additional application materials required by the specific program you are applying to.

I recommend that you check the website of the University of Guelph or the specific graduate program you are interested in for detailed admission requirements.

How to Apply to Study at the University of Guelph

#1. Undergraduate:

  • Locate your Programs of Study and confirm their specific requirements
  • Submit the English Proficiency according to your nationality requirements
  • Make sure that your program is offered at the University of Guelph (main campus), University of Guelph-Humber (Toronto), or an Associate Diploma offered at the Ridgetown campus.
  • Apply and pay your application fee. You’ll receive feedback and login details on how to submit the requested documents to your admission Portal.
  • You’re to submit the scanned and on-site verified IELTS. Submit your English proficiency test score to and additional information.
  • Confirm from your admission Portal that no Documents are unsubmitted.
  • Get your study permit from IRCC
  • Wait for the big breaking

#2. Graduates:

Step 1:

Research the programs you wish to offer at the University of Guelph and check the admission requirements.

Refer to the International Credentials Guidelines to see if you’re eligible and have the requirements.

Step 2:

Apply online 9 months before the program commencement date. International students, you’re to meet all requirements before the stated deadline.

Paying an application fee of $120: However, you’ll pay $150 extra for MBA and MA Leadership programs.

Step 3:

Provide all the required documents to complete your application.

You’ll receive your login details in the email address within five business days of submitting your online application. This is to access your personalized application document checklist on WebAdvisor.

Different documents for different programs

Step 4:

Follow up on your application on WebAdvisor.

If your application was successful, you’ll be contacted on the next step and additional documents to provide.

The Cost of Studying at the University of Guelph as an Immigrating Student

The first cost of studying at the University of Guelph is the cost of tuition. Another factor contributing to the cost of studying at the University of Guelph is the housing cost, feeding, and health insurance. And of course, the cost of living in Guelph.

University of Guelph Cost of Tuition

The UofG offers a separate tuition program for Undergraduates and graduates. In both sections, it depends on the areas of discipline that you chose.

Overview of the UofG Undergraduate tuition cost:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science: CAD 33,046
  • Bachelor of Arts: CAD 33,046
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science: CAD 33,046
  • Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management: CAD 33,046
  • Bachelor of Commerce: CAD 40,276
  • Bachelor of Computing: CAD 39,361
  • Bachelor of Engineering: CAD 49,110
  • Bachelor of Indigenous Environmental Science and Practice: CAD 33,046
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture: CAD 43,816
  • Bachelor of One Health: CAD 33,046
  • Bachelor of Science: CAD 33,046
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture: CAD 33,046
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science: CAD 33,046
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: CAD 83,614

The tuition cost list is edited to reveal the tuition cost for international undergraduate Students at the University of Guelph. For a full list, kindly refer to the UofG website.

International Graduate’s tuition:

  • DVSc; MES; MFA; MFARE; MPH/Mpla $8,984
  • MA/MSc; MASC; GDip: $7,666
  • MAN: $12,230
  • MBA; MA Lead: $7,261
  • MBinf: $10,270
  • MBiot: $10,362
  • MBS: $10,202
  • MCL: $6,050
  • MCTI: $14,829
  • MDS: $14, 828
  • MDTM: $9,828
  • MEng: $10,654
  • MLA: $11,417
  • MSc FSQA: $9,952
  • MSc Management: $10,828
  • Ph.D.: $3,979

If you’re a resident student at the University of Guelph, refer to the official website of the U of Guelph for whole listings.

Cost of Housing University of Guelph

It’s been rumored by past students that the University of Guelph is home from home. That’s no hype. The University of Guelph offers two family housing communities at College Avenue and Wellington Woods.

This housing service is for residents, students, and International students. It has eligibility requirements to enroll in an on-campus. But, we’ll be focused on on-campus and off-campus costs at the university of Guelph.

Kindly visit the University of Guelph Housing Services to secure your space.

#1. On-Campus Housing Cost at the University of Guelph

The cost of lodging on-campus will add to your overall cost of studying at the University of Guelph and it varies in different locations on the campus and seasons. However, put the budget from $2000 to $7,000 for a single room in the fall semester and about $8,000 to $10,000 in the winter semester. You’ll have to pay for meal plans and other expenses due to minor losses and damages. See more details here.

#2. Off-Campus Housing Cost at the University of Guelph

However, enrollment doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be given some space in which case, you’ll have to look off-campus for residences.

The good news is that the university of Guelph offers off-campus housing services that help you look for your ideal apartments close to school. However good it may be, the catch is, you must pay for the lease, rent, and utilities. Transportation and more. All these contribute to the high cost of studying at the University of Guelph.

See the Off-Campus Living (OCL) for more details on

Cost of Transportation

You can cut down on the overall cost of studying at the University of Guelph by minimizing the expenses of your transportation. Another news to have you breakdancing is that the university of Guelph has a bus commuter service for off-campus students.

All that is required is your bus pass. If you ever wonder why Guelph has such a high tuition fee, it’s because the bus fare is added to the fee. It’s a mandatory payment you can’t opt out from. You’ve just saved on Transit and residence costs.

More information about the University of Guelph bus commuters r here. Or visit the website

Health Insurance in Guelph

The University of Guelph is in Ontario, Canada. International students studying in Ontario, Canada are generally not eligible for coverage under the province’s publicly-funded health insurance plan, known as the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). This means that international students are required to have their private health insurance coverage to cover the cost of any medical treatment they may need while in Ontario.

However, the University of Guelph offers coverage for international students through its own student health insurance plans, which are typically mandatory for all full-time international students.

The plan covers a wide range of medical expenses, including doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, and hospital stays. The plan also includes coverage for mental health services and travel insurance and is included in their tuition fees. And is automatically billed to their account.

I won’t be mentioning any health insurance policy in Ontario today, the University of Guelph equals the task. What you should know about is you’re paying $756/head per year.

Cost of living in Guelph, Ontario

Guelph is in Ontario Province, Canada. When you live in Guelph, you’re covered by the same cost of living in Ontario. Ontario is one of the most expensive Provinces to live in Canada considering the money basis. To be comfortable as a bachelor, you need an average of $3,414 which demands an estimate of $41,000 per year.

However, the cost of living in Guelph, Ontario, Canada can vary depending on factors such as housing,

transportation, and lifestyle. However, according to Numbeo’s cost of living index, the overall cost of living in Guelph is lower than the average cost of living in Canada.

The cost of housing in Guelph is higher than the average cost of housing in Canada. The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is around CAD 1,200, while the average price of a three-bedroom apartment in the city center is around CAD 2,000.

The average price for a liter of gasoline is around CAD 1.35. The average price for a meal at a restaurant is around CAD 15.

The University of Guelph Scholarship Program

We’ve agreed that everything in school is expensive with expenses. However, the University of Guelph minimizes the cost of studying for international students by making available Guelph Scholarship programs that award many ways of earning while learning.

The means of funding and aided tuition at the UofG are:

  • Scholarship programs and
  • Making money at U of G package.

#1. Scholarship Programs

RANGE: $2,000-$42,000

#2.Making money at U of G package

This package involves a permit for students to work part-time within and outside the school Campus. Kindly refer to the University of Guelph website for full details.


#1. How much is the Registration Fee for the University of Guelph?

The amount varies with graduates and undergraduates. However, keep up to $200 for the processes in registration.

#2. What are the ways to apply for the University of Guelph?

You can apply for the University of Guelph via The OUAC Portal or Common App


At this juncture, I’m considering the University of Guelph top of my list. The method of how to apply to study at the University of Guelph and the cost of studying there as an immigrant Student is spot on.

However, to be on the fairer side, you should check the University’s website for accurate details. Keep in mind, working hard in the right direction works well.


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