Hall of Residence in University Ibadan

Hostels and Hall of Residence in University of Ibadan.

There are as many hostels in University of Ibadan (UI), depending on the choice of the students. There are about Ten (10) undergraduate halls of residence in University of Ibadan.

Below are the list of hostels and location for both male and female.

Girl’s Hostel

1. Obafemi Awolowo Hall.

LocationOff Barth Road.

2. Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Location: Along Oduduwa Road.

3. Queen Idia Hall.

Location: Along Barth Road and Adjacent to international school Ibadan.

Boy’s Hostel.

1. Great Independence Hall.

Location: at end of El-kanemi Road.

2. Kuti Hall

Location: at the eastern end of Niger Road.

3. Tedder Hall.

Location: to the west of University court to mellaby hall.

4. Sultan Bello Hall.

Location: to the west of kuti Hall, along Niger Road.

5. Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall.

6. Mallanby Hall.


Alexander Brown Hall.

The hostel is for medical students who wishes to apply for the residence.

Location: College of medicine

Post Graduate Halls 

1. Tafelewa Belewa Hall.

Location: along El-kanemi Road and directly behind the sultan Bello Hall.

2. Abdulsalami Abubarkar Hall.

Location: along the Barth Road and opposite Idia Hall.

How to Apply For Accomodation in University of Ibadan.

Below are the requires help for accommodation fees, for both newly admitted students and staylite.

1. Visit UI via portal: https://portal.ui.edu.ng.

2. Login your details (matric number)

3. Follow the requires steps for payment

4. Take your payment slip to Students affairs division for documentation purpose.

Great independence hall

Kuti hall.

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