Guilds For GST/GNS Examination

Guilds for GST/GNS examination.

The abbreviation GST/GNS means general examinations conducted by the universities perharps hundred level(100L), three hundred level (300lvl) or final year.

Students are required to offer and pass all the GST/GNS courses in order to qualify for the award of the bachelor degree of the university.

Most of these GST/GNS are listed below for Nigeria universities.

First semester

1. Philosophy and logic

2. Use of English

3. Use of library

Second semester

1. Philosophy and science technology

2. Peace and conflict resolution

3. Nigeria people and culture

These are the major courses as GST/GNS, done in Nigeria universities.

Another GST/GNS done in order level, perhaps three hundred level (300L) or even final years are regards as Entrepreneur Studies depending on the categories the university, fall inlines with.

Over years, an experience have shown that good number of students find it difficult to past GST/GNS courses. This is not because they lack the pre-requisite but due to poor orientation and guidance they lack for the examination.

Another issues most students encounter in GST/GNS courses, might be failure of not having grades at the end of the examination.

Here are the tips and guidance for GST/GNS examination needed to be taken seriously.

1. Register for the courses at the beginning of the semester, these will enable or help the GST/GNS department to know the total number of students set for examination.

2. Do not take GST/GNS courses for granted, you needed to attend all because a fail for one, is also a fail for all. It might even cause hindrance from getting your awarding degrees.

3. Read and understand test before using past questions provided by the school.

4. Examination dates, venue, time needed to be known to you in advance to avoid stories that touches the heart. Of not sure, check the school website/portal, or go to notice board place any departments or faculty.

5. GST/GNS examination are often center base test (CBT)  for some universities while others do the opposite. The questions comes in options and you needed preparation just like the zeal of passing your exam before granting you admission from the school.

6. On the left hand side of the OMR paper or answer sheet given to you, you are expected to shade the options of your questions sheet provided in box. If your school doesn’t base on CBT.

7. Shade properly, perhaps using your HB pencil, otherwise the scanner may not read your answer.

8. Do not tear, ruffle your OMR sheet

9. Summit your OMR sheet to the invigilator, of you are done writing with your exam.

10. Avoid malpractice in any form during examination because it has strict effect when caught.

Note from number six(6) to nine(9) are for school who doesn’t take part in CBT examination in general studies (GST/GNS).

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