Distinguishing Facts About European Countries

European Countries are really nice continent, among them of which found world great powers. History made US most top European countries which colonized Africa for their major benefits or goal attain for.

Here are the list of European countries, with some fact, currency, rulership, language, population, calling code, internet domain and their capital.

It will be of more benefits to students who wishes to know happenings around and revolve the world, most especially European countries.


Albania is a small country with  Adriatic and Ionuim coastline and interior crossed by the Albanian Alps.

Albania are mostly known for bunker. Albania place a large value on families and their ethnic heritage. They honor traditional code called besa which is translated to ” keep the promise”

Here are things more about Albania

PresidentBajram Begaj

Independence: 28th November 1912(as declared from ottoman rule)


CurrencyAlbanian lek





Calling code+335

Internet domain: .al


It is among the European countries.

Here are things more about Andorra

President/prime minister: Xavier Espt Zamora

Independence: 14th march 1993

Capital: Andorra la vella

Currency: Euro

Language: Catalan

Area: 468km²


Density: 179.8/km²

Calling code: +376

Internet domain: .ad


Austria is a landlocked country in the southern part of central Europe, situated at eastern Alps. It is a federation of nine State. One of which is the capital of Vienna, the largest city and state by population. Most of the interesting fact are

The name Austria, derives from a Germanic word “Austro” which means “east”.

The Austrian flag is one of the oldest national flag in the world.

Austria have the oldest zoo in the world which was founded in 1752.

Josef Madersperger invented sewing machine.

The first post cards used were in Austria.

Here are things more about Austria

President/prime minister: Karl Nehammer

Independence: 15th May 1995

Capital: Vienna

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Area: 83,871km²

Population: 8,869,537

Density: 102.05/km²

Calling code: +43

Internet domain: .at


Belarus, is officially the republic of Belarus, is a landlocked country in eastern Europe. It’s bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Ukraine to Poland to the west.

Belarus is known for potatoes, tractor and being one of the poorest countries in Europe by total wealth. Belarus is also known as the last country in Europe, run by a dictator (Alexander Lukashinko).

Here are things more about Belarus

President: Alexander Lukashinko

Independence: 25th August 1991

Capital: Minsk

Currency: Belarusian ruble

Language: Russian, Belarusian

Area: 207,600km²

Population: 9,465,300

Density: 44.61/km²

Calling code: +375

Internet domain: .by


Belgium is a country in western Europe, known for medieval town, Renaissance architecture and headquarters of the European union and NATO.

Belgium is known for mannekem pis, atomium, the flower carpet, chocolate and countless beers.

Interesting fact about Belgium

Brussel is the capital of Belgium and it largest city.

It is among the most density populated countries in Europe

The majority of Belgium are Roman Catholic

It rarely snow

Belgium produces more than 220, 000 tons of chocolate per annum

The zarentem airport is the place where chocolates are being sold the most in the world.

The co-inventor of world wide web(www) is a Belgian.

Here are things more about Belgium

President: Alexander De croo

Independence: 28th October 1830

Capital: Brussel

Currency: Euro

Language: Dutch, French

Area: 20,528km²

Population: 11,467,362

Density: 366.33/km²

Calling code: +32

Internet domain: .be


Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a country on the Balkan peninsula in the southern Europe. It country side is home to medieval villages, rivers and lakes plus the craggy Dinaric Alps.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for the Bosnian war which occured in 1990s, it ethnic and religious diversity and it’s famous capital, Sarajevo. It site was also known for same world historical events.

Here are things more about Bosnia and Herzegovina

President: Sefik Dzaferovic

Independence: 1st March 1992

Capital: Sarajevo

Currency: Convertible mark

Language: Bosnian, Croatian

Area: 51,209km²

Population: 3,501,774

Density: 74.61/km²

Calling code: +387

Internet domain: .ba


The capital, Sofia was the originally called Serdika. The oldest building in Sofia is a church.

Bulgaria has never been colonized. Baba Marta is an interesting holiday. Most popular sport is soccer.

Here are things more about Bulgaria

President: Rumen Radev

Capital: Sofia

Currency: Bulgarian lev

Language: Bulgarian

Area: 110,879km²

Population: 7,000,039

Density: 64.13/km²

Calling code: +359

Internet domain: .bg


Croatia is a country at the crossroads of central and south east of Europe. It sharesa coastline along the Adriatic sea.

Croatia is famed for it’s scenic pebble beaches which are beautiful lapped by crystal clear water. Some interesting fact about Croatia are;

The biggest truffle home of the world. they have highest number of UNESCO. Intagible goods of any European country.

Here are things more about Croatia

President: Zoran Milanovic

Independence: 25th June 1991

Capital: Zegreb

Currency: Croatian Kuma

Language: Croatian

Area: 56,594km²

Population: 4,130,304

Density: 72.27/km²

Calling code: +385

Internet domain: .hr


Cyprus is an island county in the eastern Mediterranean sea south of the Anatolian peninsula. Continentally, it’s often place in the west Asia, while being geographically placed in southeast of Europe unlike geographically place west of Asia.

Cyprus is known for mineral wealths, superb wines and produce and natural beauty.

According to recent statistics, Cyprus is one of the safest countries in Europe. Here are interesting fact about Cyprus

The ancient tomb are ary rock solid

Carnival is a Dionysian blend

A whole town has world heritage status

It has the world’s oldest wine label.

Here are things more about Cyprus

President: Nico Anastasiades

Independence: 16th August 1960

Capital: Nicosia

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

Area: 9,251k

Population: 864,200

Density: 125.9/km²

Calling code: +357

Internet domain: .cy


Czech is also known as Czechia, is a landlocked country in central Europe. Historically known as bohemia. It’s bordered by Austria to the south, Germany to the west, Poland to the northeast and Slovakia to the southeast.

It’s famously known for Prague, the historic centre of Prague is UNESCO world heritage. There are several hundreds of castles, chateaus and mansion in Czechia.

Some interesting fact about Czech republic.

It’s has the most castles in Europe

It’s home to largest ancient castle in the world.

Prague’s old town is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world.

Most popular sports in is ice hockey.

Here are things more about Czech republic

President: Milos Zeman

Independence: 1st January 1993

Capital: Prague

Currency: Czech koruna

Language: Czech

Area: 78,865km²

Population: 10,652,812

Density: 136.65/km²

Calling code: +420

Internet domain: .cz


Denmark is a Scandinavian country comparing the Jutland peninsula and numerous island. Denmark are known for being; Hans Christian Andersen birthplace and for being the happiest nation world wide.

Some interesting fact about Denmark are;

One of the happiest countries on the world.

No Danish language has no word for “please”

There flag is the oldest in the world.

Danish alphabet has about three additional letter æ, ø and Å

The two oldest amusement park in the world (Bakken and Tivoli Gardens)

President/prime minister:Mette Frederiksm

independence: 5th may 1945

Capital: Copenhagen

Currency: Danish krone

Language: Danish

Area: 43,094km

Population: 5,811,413

Density: 30.38/km²

Calling code: +45

Internet domain: .dk


England is a country that is part of the united kingdom. It shares land boarders with Wales to it west and Scotland to it’s north. The full name of is united kingdom of great Britain and north Ireland.

England is famous for many things such as it’s long history, it royal family e.t.c

Some fact about England are;

England is part of United kingdom

Jumping a queue can be illegal.

England fought war in history

England is a birth place for many scientists

No plug socket in the bathroom.

The queen is not allowed in house of common.

The world wide web (www) was invented in England.

President/prime minister: Liz Truss

Capital: London

Currency: pound sterling

Language: English

Area: 130,279km²

Population: 55,619,400

Density: 424.3/km²

Calling code: +44

Internet domain: .Uk_


Estonia, is a country in northern Europe borders, the Baltic sta and Gulf of Finland. Estonia is known for its strong family values.

Here some things needed to know more about Estonia.

President: Alar Karis

independence: 20th August 1991

Capital: Tallinn

Currency: Euro

Language: Estonian, Russian

Area: 45k,227km²

Population: 1,324,820

Density: 28.39/km²

Calling code: +372

Internet domain: .ee


Finland is a northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Finland is known for being happiest county and world’s best education system and cleanest air.

President/prime minister: Sanna Marin

independence: 6th December 1917

Capital: Helsinki

Currency: Euro

Language: Finnish, Swedish.

Area: 338,424km²

Population: 5,519,586

Density: 16.15/km²

Calling code: +358

Internet domain: .Fi


France is one of the most modern countries in the world and is a leader among the European nations. It has constructed a presidential democracy. France bounded by the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea, the Alps and the Pyrenees. France has long provided a geographic, economic and linguistic bridge joining northern and southern Europe.

Some interesting fact about France.

It is the most visited country in the world.

France produce over 1500 types of cheese.

Supermarket in France can’t throw away foods.

France is smaller than Texas.

President: Frank-walter Steinmeierin

independence: 25th may 1949

Capital: Berlin

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Area: 357,114km²

Population: 83,019,200

Density: 231.251km²

Calling code: +49

Internet domain: .de


Greece is a country in southeast stern Europe With thousands of island throughout the Aegean and Ionian sea. Influential in ancient times, it’s often called the cradle of western civilization.

The Greece is known for being the birth place for democracy, the Olympic games, cradle of western civilization, ancient history and magnificent temples.

President: Katerina Sakellaropoulou

independence: 25th march 1821

Capital: Athens

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

Area: 131,990km²

Population: 10,741,165

Density: 84.31km²

Calling code: +30

Internet domain: .gr


Hungary is a landlocked country, situated in the Carpathian Basin. It has two longest river called Danube and Tisza.

Some interesting fact about Hungary are;

Rubik’s cube was invented by a Hungary architect.

There is Hungarian hand behind the discovery of vitamin C.

Hungary has more than 1300 thermal water springs.

President: Katalin Novák

Capital: Copenhagen

Currency: Hungarian forint

Area: 93,028km²

Population: 9,764,000

Density: 106.54/km²

Calling code: +36

Internet domain: .hu


Iceland, island county located in the north Atlantic ocean.

President: Guœni Thorlacus Johannesson

independence: 17th june 1944

Capital: Reykjavik

Currency: Icelandic krona

Language: Icelandic, English

Area: 103,000km²

Population: 358,780

Density: 3.27/km²

Calling code: +354

Internet domain: .is


Ireland is an island in the north Atlantic ocean, in northwest Europe. It is famous for its scenic coastlines, town and villages along the shoreline.

President: Michael D. Higgins

Capital: Dublin

Currency: Euro

Language: English, Irish

Area: 70,273km²

Population: 4,857,000

Density: 67.26/km²

Calling code: +353

Internet domain: .ie


Italy is a country in Europe with a long Mediterranean coastline, has powerful mark on western culture and cuisine.

President: Sergio Mattarella

Capital: Rome

Currency: Euro

Language: Italian

Area: 301,336km²

Population: 60,375,749

Density: 202.92/km²

Calling code: +39

Internet domain: .it


President: Egils Levits

independence: 18th November 1918

Capital: Riga

Currency: Euro

Language: Latvia, Russian

Area: 64,559km²

Population: 1,923,900

Density: 31.45/km²

Calling code: +317

Internet domain: .lv


President: Albert Frick

independence: 23rd January 1719

Capital: Vaduz

Currency: Swiss franc

Language: German

Area: 160km²

Population: 38,330

Density: 234.13/km²

Calling code: +423

Internet domain: .li


President: Gitanas Nauséda
independence: finally restored on 11th March 1990

Capital: Vilnius

Currency: Euro

Language: Lithuanian

Area: 65,300km²

Population: 2,791,133

Density: 45.93/km²

Calling code: +370

Internet domain: .lt


President/prime minister:Xavier Battel

Capital: Luxembourg

Currency: Euro

Language: Luxembourgish

Area: 2,586km²

Population: 613,894

Density: 210.08/km²

Calling code: +352

Internet domain: .lu


It’s a landlocked country bordering Kosovo to the northwest, Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to south and Albania to the west.

North macedonia is the only country that got independence from Yugoslavia without shading or drop of blood in Europe.

President: Stevo Pendarouski

independence: 8th September 1991

Capital: Skopje

Currency: North Macedonia denar

Language: Macedonia, Albanian

Area: 25,713kn²

Population: 2,075,301

Density: 80.11km²

Calling code: +389

Internet domain: .mk


Malta is an island county located in the central Mediterranean sea. A small but strategically important group of islands.

Malta is known for tourists destination and warm climate, archipelago is the home to some of the oldest temples in the world. They love religious celebrations.

President: George Villa

independence: 21st September 1964

Capital: Valletta

Currency: Euro

Language: Maltese

Area: 316km²

Population: 475,701

Density: 1364.68/km²

Calling code: +356

Internet domain: .mt


Moldova is a country lying in the northeastern Conner of the Balkan region in Europe. It is the second poorest country in Europe by GDP per capital. It is mainly famous for world wine, ancient monasteries.

President: Maia Soudu

independence: 27th August 1991

Capital: Chisinau

Currency: Moldovan leu

Area: 33,846km²

Population: 3,547,539

Density: 105.0/km²

Calling code: +373

Internet domain: .md


Natherlands is a country located in northeastern Europe. Also known as Holland.

“Natherlands” means low lying country. It is famous icons. The discovery of bunl field, windmills, wooden shoes, innovative water management and millions of bicycles were from natherlands.

Capital: Amsterdam the Hague (government seat)

Currency: Euro

Language: Dutch

Area: 41,550km²

Population: 17,327,700

Density: 405.61/km²

Calling code: +31

Internet domain: .nl


Country of northern Europe that occupies the western half of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Capital: Oslo

Currency: Norwagian Krone

Language: Norwegian

Area: 323,802km²

Density: 13.35/km²

Calling code: +47

Internet domain: .no


Poland is officially the republic of Poland, country in central Europe.

President: Andrzej Duda

Independence: 11th November 1918

Capital: Warsaw

Currency: Polish Zloty

Language: Polish

Area: 312,579km²

Population: 38,413,000

Density: 118.24/km²

Calling code: +48

Internet domain: .pl


Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian peninsula, bordering Spain. It location on the Atlantic ocean, has influence many aspects of its culture.

Some interesting fact about Portugal;

Portuguese is the oldest country in Europe.

Half of the “new world” once belonged to Portugal.

Portuguese is the official language of nine countries.

President: Marculo Rebelo de Sousa

Capital: Lisbon

Currency: Euro

Language: Portuguese

Area: 92090km²

Population: 10,276,617

Density: 115.35/km²

Calling code: +351

Internet domain: .pt


Capital: Bucharest

Currency: Romanian lie

Language: Romanian

Area: 238,391m²

Population: 19,523,621

Density: 90.52/km²

Calling code: +40

Internet domain: .ro


Russia is the largest country in the world, bordering up nations and two breakaway nations (Abkhazia and south Ossetia).

Russia has the largest railway in the world.

Has 12 active volcanoes.

Russia is home to a lot of famous literature.

Tetris was invented by Russia.

President: Vladimir Putin

Independence: December 1991

Capital: Moscow

Currency: Russian rube

Language: Russian

Area: 17,098,242km²

Population: 146,793,744

Density: 8.32/km²

Calling code: +7

Internet domain: .ru


Scotland is a country that is part of the United kingdom covering the northern this of the island of Great Britain.

Capital: Edinburg

Currency: pound sterling

Language: English

Area: 77,993km²

Population: 5,424,800

Density: 67.5/km²

Calling code: +44

Internet domain: .scot


Serbia is a country in west central Balkans. It’s best famous for its capital city, Belgrade and it national brandy, rakija Serbia is alsk known for its palaces, night life and tennis player -Novak Djokovic.

President: Aleksandar Vucic

Capital: Belgrade

Currency: Serbian dinar

Area: 88,361km²

Population: 9,424,030

Density: 106.65/km²

Calling code: +381

Internet domain: .rs


Spain is known for its food, flamenco music,art and literature,horse, dance,siesta, bull fights and architecture.

Capital: Madrid

Currency: Euro

Area: 505,992km²

Population: 46,934,632

Density: 93.28/km²

Calling code: +34

Internet domain: .es


Capital: Stockholm

Currency: Swedish krona

Language: Swedish

Area: 450,259km²

Population: 10,263,568

Density: 21.54/km²

Calling code: +346

Internet domain: .se


Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps. Switzerland has the longest tunnel of the world.

Switzerland is most innovative country in the world, low crime rate.

Capital: Bern

Currency: Swiss francs

Language: German, french, Italian

Area: 41,284km²

Density: 199.56/km²

Calling code: +41

Internet domain: .ch


Ukraine is a country located in eastern Europe. The second largest on the continent after Russia.

President: Volodymy Zelenskyy

Independence: 24th August 1991

Capital: Kiev

Currency: Ukraine hryvnia

Language: Ukrainian

Area: 603,500km²

Density: 73.8/km²

Population: 42,055,934

Calling code: +380

Internet domain: .ua


United kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. United kingdom is an island nation in northwest Europe.

Capital: London

Currency: British pound

Language: English

Area: 242,495km²

Population: 66,435,600

Density: 262.84/km²

Calling code: +44

Internet domain: .uk


Capital: Vatican city

Currency: Euro

Language: Italian

Area: 1km²

Population: 842

Density: 799.0/km²

Calling code: +379

Internet domain: .va


These are some of the countries in Europe, with vital information needed to know and be update

Let’s stay tune for Asia countries

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