Countries in Western Africa and Current President

Africa is a large continent, full of natural resources, due to their rich culture and a blessed region without any natural disasters, many others countries feel to acclaim its wealth. Africa is sub-divided int five

i. Western Africa

ii. Northern Africa

iii. Eastern Africa

iv. Southern Africa

v. Middle Africa

Well, our main focus Will be on western Africa, and some of things about them including capital, calling code, current president, year of independence, area, population, Internet domain, language and density. Below are countries in Western Africa



Benin is a country in west Africa, a french speaking west Africa nation. In Abomey, Dahomey’s former capital, the historical museums occupies two royal places with bas-reliefs recounting the kingdom’s past and a throne mounted with human skulls. To north, pendjari. National park offers safaris with elephants, hippo and lions. The country experience economic growth over few years and one of largest economic cotton producer. In Africa and it ranks among the world’s poorest countries.

Currency: west Africa Franc 

Capital: Porto-Novo 

Calling Code: +229

President: Patrice Talon 

Independence: 1st August 1960

Area: 112,622km²

Population: 11,733,059

Internet Domain: .bj 

Language: French

Density: 96.61/km²


Bukina Faso is a country in west Africa, which was about 274,200 square kilometers and shared border with Mali to the northwest, Niger to the northeast, Benin to the southeast, Togo and Ghana to the South and ivory coast to the southeast.

Currency: west African CFA Franc(xof)

Capital Ouagadougou

Calling code: +226

President: Roch Marc Christian Kaboré 

Independence: 5 August 1960

Area: 274,200km²

Population: 20,870,060

Internet domain: .bf 

Language: French 

Density: 65.38/km²


Cape Verde or Cabo Verde, officially the republic of Cabo Verde, is an archipelago and island country in the central Atlantic ocean, consisting of ten volcanic island with a combined landa area about 4,033 square kilometers.

Currency: Cape Verde an escudo (CVE)

Capital: Praia 

Calling Code: +238

President: Jorge Carlos Fonseca 

Independence: 5th July 1975

Area: 4,033km²

Population: 550,483

Internet domain: .cv 

Language: Portuguese

Density: 126.04/km²


The Gambia is a small west African country boarded by Senegal with narrow Atlantic. The abundant wildlife in it’s kiang west national park and BAO Bolong witland reserves include monkeys, hyenes, hippos, leopards and rare birds.

Currency: Gambia dalasi 

Capital: Banjul

Calling Code: +220

president: Adama Barrow 

Independence: 18 February 1965

Area: 11,295km²

Population: 2,347,706

Internet domain: .gm 

Language: English

Density: 174.42/km²


Ghana is actually a country in west Africa. Its spans along the gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic ocean, sharing boarders with the Ivory coast in the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Togo in the east, the Gulf in Atlantic ocean in the south. In the iron age, iron were used to fashion spare and sword used against their enemies and to protect their territory.

Currency: Ghanaian Cedi (GHS)

Capital: Accra

Calling code: + 233

President: Nana Akufo-Addo 

Independence: 6th march 1957

Area: 238,533km²

Population: 30,280,811

Internet domain: .gh 

Language: English, Asante, Fante

Density: 113.13/km²


Guinea shared boardered on west by the Atlantic ocean. It’s known for the mount Nimba strict nature reserve, in the southeast. The reserve protects a Forester mountain range rich in native plants and animals including viviparous toad and chimpanzees.

The country has abundant natural resources including 25% more of the bauxite reservess. Guinea has diamond, gold and other metals. It also has a great potential for hydroelectric power.

Currency: Guinean franc (GNF)

Capital: Conakry

Callin code: +224

President: Alpha Condé 

Independence: 16th January 1959

Area: 245,857km²

Population: 12,218,357

Internet domain: .gn 

Language: French

Density: 50.22/km²


Guinea Bissau is a tropical country on west Africa’s Atlantic coast that’s known for national parks and wildlife.

Currency: West African franc 

Capital: Bissau

Calling code: +245

President: Umaro Sissoco Embaló 

Indepedence: 24th September 1973

Area: 36,125km²

Population: 1,604,528

Internet domain: .gw 

Language: Crioulo, Portuguese

Density: 49.49/km²


Côte d’ Ivoire same as Ivory coast. It’s has beach resorts, rainforests and french colonial legacy. Abidjan is the country’s urban centers. It’s modern landmarks include zigguratlike, Concrete la pyramide andst paust Paul’s cathedral.

Currency: west African franc 

Capital: Yamoussoukro 

Calling code: +225

President: Alassene Ouattar 

Independence: 7th August 1960

Area: 322,463km²

Population: 25,823,071

Internet domain: .ci 

Language: French


Liberia is a country in west Africa. She shared boarder with sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d’ Ivoire. 5he capital city of Monrovia is the home to the Liberia national museum with it’s exhibition on national culture and history. Liberia is 171 years old but also one of the youngest countries.

Currency: Liberian dollar (LRD)

Capital: Monrovia

Calling code: +231

President: George Weah

Independence: 26th July 1847

Area: 111,369km²

Population: 4,475,353

Internet domain: .ir 

Language: English

Density: 40. 44/km²


Mali officially the republic of Mali, is a landlocked country in west Africa. Mali is the largest country in Africa.

Currency: West African franc 

Capital: Bamako 

Calling code: +223

President: Incumbent Assimi Goïta

Independence: 22th September 1960

Area: 1,240,192km²

Population: 19,973,000

Internet domain:  .ml

Language: French



Mauritania, officially an Islamic republic of Mauritania. It is the twenty eight largest country or dependency in the world. The eleventh largest country lying entirely below an attitude 1000metres.

Currency: Mauritanian Ouguiya

Capital: Nouakchott 

Calling code: +222

President: Mohamed Ould Ghazouani

Independence: 28th November 1960

Area: 4,007,347km²

Population: 4,080,244

Language: Arabic

Internet domain: .Mr 

Density: 38.98/km²


Nigeria is an African country on Gulf of Guinea, has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. Protected Area such as Cross River National spark and Yankari National park have waterfalls, dense rainforest, savanna and rare primates habitats. One of the most recognizable sites is the Zuma Rock.

Currency: Naria and Kobo

Capital: Abuja

Calling code: +234

President: Muhammadu Buhari 

Independence: 1st October 1960

Area: 923,768km²

Population: 200,963,599

Internet domain: .ng 

Language: English (major tribes)

Density: 1 98.67/km²


It is officially the Republic of Senegal, in which African country. Senegal boarded by Mauritania in the north, Mali in the east, Guinea to southeast and GUINEA-BISSAU to the south west.

Currency: west African franc 

Capital: Dakar 

Calling code: +221

President: Macky Sall

Independence: 4th April 1960

Area: 196,722 km²

Population: 16,209,125

Internet domain: .sn 

Language: French

Density: 76.08/km²


Sierra Leone is country in west Africa, on the Atlantic ocean. It is known for White sand beaches living the freetown peninsula.

Currency: Sierra Leonean leaone

Capital: Freetown 

Calling code: +232

President: Juluis Maada Bio

Independence: 27th may 1962

Area: 71,740km²

Population: 7,901,454

Internet domain: .sl 

Language: English

Density: 88.08/km²


A West Africa nation on the Gulf of Guinea. Is also known for its palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages. In the capital of lomé, are the multistory Grand marche bazaar and fetish marcit.

Currency: West African franc 

Capital: Lomé

Calling code: +228

President: Faire Gnassingbé

Independence: 27th April 1960

Area: 56,785km²

Population: 7,538,000

Internet domain: .tg 

Language: French

Density: 126.28/km²


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