Cheap Colleges in Ontario for International Students

When it comes to education, affordability has to be considered as an utmost priority. Receiving formal education might be expensive to some extent but it shouldn’t be an option to forfeit the opportunity to stay away from the classrooms.

If you’re willing to move out of your home country to study, consider going to Ontario to further your education. Now you might be asking, “Why Ontario out of all of the other places in the world?” What you need to know is there are cheap colleges in this country where all kinds of international students can apply.

Whether you’re a high school student, undergraduate, or post-graduate you’ll get the chance to enroll yourself in some of the cheap colleges in Ontario, Canada. This also applies to your choice of study as you would be open to a new environment whereby quality education can be offered as well as other exceptional experiences.

Perhaps you might be oblivious to the fact that there are cheap colleges you can afford if you intend to study as an international student. Well, we are going to take you on a journey to know some of the reputable and cheap colleges in Ontario you can afford.

Why do International Students Pay for Higher College Fees?

Edufund states that paying higher tuition fees can become problematic for international students because they need to cover other additional expenses like accommodation, and daily expenses in a foreign country.

Note that this has led to several dropouts by international students, which will affect the college in question because accepting international students are door to generating the most revenue.

In light of this, the Associate Vice Provost Of the University of Waterloo pointed out that most universities rely on international students as a primary source of revenue. He went on to exemplify British Columbia in that over 50% of its tuition revenue comes from international students.

Meanwhile, other reputable universities use this incentive to increase their tuition fees for international students. Although the exceptional quality of education will be guaranteed, the chosen college will be enlisted among the most expensive colleges for international students. Before proceeding, let’s look at a few reasons why international students pay higher tuition fees.

Cost of Education

Students pay high tuition fees because of the cost of education in the host country. The reason for this is that lots of countries around the world like Canada and the US invest heavily in their educational systems. This is why international students are required to pay a significant sum, whereas domestic students will be entitled to pay less.

Visa Regulations

This may vary to some extent but the visa regulation in every country stipulates that international students must demonstrate their financial capability to cover the full cost of their education throughout their stay. In a similar vein, higher fees are fixed to ensure that they can meet these requirements.

Limited Government Funding

Another reason for this is that the government of the host country often allocates funds to support only its citizens. International students are excluded in this aspect and this leads to lower tuition fees for the locals, since international students lack access to these subsidies, they are charged higher fees.

Infrastructure and Services

You might go on to study in a country where you might face language barriers between people as well as other challenges based on your circumstances. As an international student, you can look for the service of a translator or attend cultural integration programs. This service is usually at a very high cost and it also reflects the higher tuition fee paid.

What are the Cheap Colleges in Ontario for International Students?

Dominican University College

Established in 1900, it is one of the first that was well-known among other colleges in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Ontario. Aside from being affordable, if you’re the kind of person who needs to go to a small college to begin, consider DUC.

This college tops the list among the top 20 Midwest regional universities, as per U. S. News & World Report. The Campus is a few blocks away from Canada’s Supreme Court. Another interesting fact to know about DUC is that it has been affiliated with Carleton University since 2012.

For international students willing to start a career in philosophy and theology, DUC comes out best in offering education in these programs, as it has been known for being a first-class research university in both fields. Overall, it offers a total of 8 programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The tuition for international students comes at a fee of CAD 7,220 (USD 5,670) per semester, making it an affordable option to rely on. Visit DUC’s portal to apply for admission if you’re interested in schooling.


University of Windsor

Founded in 1963, here is another cheap college in Ontario that you can apply for. The University of Windsor offers 190 programs at the undergraduate level and 65 programs at the graduate level. Being a public university, it occupies over 125 acres of land to the east of Ambassador Bridge. This campus is highly suitable for international students who also want to integrate and socialize with various people from around the world.

Why should you consider going to this college? With a student population of over 16,000, it also receives around 3,600 international students from most countries around the world. In addition to that, access to scholarships, bursaries, and awards are also available to all levels of students. The University of Windsor sees to this that the sum of $10 million is being disbursed for these purposes.

If you’re starting at this college, the tuition fee required to be paid is CAD 15,000 (USD 11,780) every semester. This unlocks the access to affordability for international students seeking to settle for less. To get started, it is essential that you know how to apply to UWindsor first.


Toronto Metropolitan University

Formerly known as Ryerson University, this prestigious institution was founded in 1948. Over 40,000 local and international students are enrolled in several undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Here, the fees and rates are considered affordable.

Even its creative industries like Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical Sciences Programs are known for the best among others. You could also be lucky if your scholarship application is accepted because the university allocates over $4 million for entrance scholarships to all kinds of students.

TMU charges fees yearly, and international students, are required to pay over CAD 7,220 (USD 5,670). Save more costs by enrolling in this cheap college in Ontario where you will be exposed to an urban campus and also featuring an innovative culture.


Algoma University

This university is specialized for undergraduate students. It began its journey in 1965 and earned its status in 2008. It houses around 1400 students. Therefore, considering Algoma University as an international student could be an affordable option. Despite the small land mass occupied, it has over three campuses around Ontario.

Are you also willing to speed up your study period by limiting it to a short period? Algoma University facilitates this process in such a way that a provision to study a three-year undergraduate program can be accessible to applicants. Be on the lookout for international scholarships offered by the school. The fees for Algoma University are paid per semester within the range of CAD 9,500 (USD 7,460)


Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology

Picture yourself as a bona fide student in the largest college in Northern Ontario. There are over 11,000 full-time and part-time students, as well as international students who are currently studying at the college as per Also known as Cambrian College, there are three of its campuses which are scattered around Ontario.

Over 80 full-time programs are being offered to international students and local students. Although the college spends as little as $500,000 each year on scholarships and bursaries, most of its graduates usually get employed within six months of graduation. This implies that you could have a high tendency to get employed if you wish to work in the country after you graduate.

This college is regarded as cheap because of the lower tuition fee paid by international students every semester. The fee to be paid is based on an estimated amount of CAD 7,000 (USD 5,000.) It could also be a great opportunity for most international students who can’t afford expensive universities or colleges in other countries.


Lakehead University

This is also classified as one of the cheapest colleges for international students. Established in 1965, Lakehead University came up as a result of a merger between Lakehead Technical Institute and Lakehead College of Arts, Science, and Technology. You can find both campuses located within Ontario.

Based on its overall population of students, only 10 percent of the first-year students come from outside the country to study. Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate, this cheap college is an ideal choice for you. It offers various programs in more than 57 fields of study.

The likes of scholarships and awards offered by these public universities are also guaranteed since the schemes are furnished with $11 million to support students. Being an international student of Lakehead University, you will be paying over CAD 26,500 (USD 20,800) per year.


Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology

Being one of the last on our list, international students will be paying an estimated amount of CAD 15,000 (USD 11,780). An interesting fact about this academic institution is that it is regarded as Ontario’s first publicly-funded college. It was established in 1966 and also has five campuses across Toronto. You can find the main campus in the division of Scarborough.

According to reports, over 50,000 international students from 126 countries have enrolled in this college. The college offers many full-time programs, including Bachelor’s degrees in Information Technology, Nursing, and Public Relations Management, as well as about 150 part-time programs. They also provide over $3.5 million in scholarships and financial aid to both local and international students.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest school to get into in Ontario?

The hardest school in Ontario to get admitted is the University of Toronto. However, this institution has a higher acceptance rate and it is also known as the best university in Canada that welcomes international students when compared with other schools.

How much is college in Ontario?

College differs based on their payment amount and structure. Some colleges require their students to pay every semester while other students in different colleges usually pay yearly. However, the average cost of tuition for one academic year in an Ontario college program ranges from USD 8,000.

Where do most of Canada’s international students come from?

According to a statistic in 2021, India and China are the two major countries where international students come from. Interestingly, they make up half of the total number of international students enrolled in Canadian universities.

Why Ontario is the best place to study?

Ontario should be your top pick because it has the largest number of colleges in Canada offering a quality level of education to all students. Through this, they gain a competitive edge due to their degrees or certificates received from Ontario universities because they are widely recognized.

Can I bring my family to Canada while studying?

Yes, you can do so, but you must submit their applications online at the same time you apply for your study permit. Your family or relatives could be your spouse, children, or siblings.


Education might be expensive but there are other ways to settle academically for less. The lists of colleges provided above satisfy your curiosity as to whether there are cheap colleges for international students in Ontario So if you’re coming over to Canada to study, make Ontario your last stop.


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