Campus Gist: Students Opportunities To Offer Video Creation And Editing Service

Videos are hot commodity right now, but not everyone knows how to make them, let alone edit them.

This is where you could offer a video creation or editing service as a student while on campus perhaps to pay fees needed as a student.

Video Creation Service

Using free tools found online, you can quickly learn how to combine text, pictures and audio and turn two elements into a video for online customer while in University.

Here are list of free online tools that you can use to get started.

Audacity, for audio file

Camstudio – for creating videos, opening for presentation software similar to PowerPoint.

Jing: for creating screen capture

Video Editing Service

Whether you are a biginner or a seasoned professional, you can easily sell your service to edit videos.

If you are a total  babies at this, you will find hundred of tutorials online with written as well video showing you how to edit a video.

It will not take you very long to understand how everything works. It will take you even a shorter amount of time as you get better at this task.

To edit videos for clients or customer, these are the components that you will ask your customer to provide to you.

A Script

The words that will go on each slide within the video presentation. The goal is ten words or less for each slide; the simpler the effectiveness of the messages.

A Musical Loop In An Mp3 Format 

You can buy or purchase musical loops (a short instrumental or musical songs) by category and have them supplied to you on CD, or you can download the loops to your system (computers).

If the customer is not providing a musical looop, then you will choose the musical track that will go along the video presentation.

Sometimes the customer will provide a voiceover, which is an audio file that you will need to add to the video.

The audio formats vary depending upon how they were recorded and saved.

Make sure you understand which files you will be able to work with, according to the free software that you downloaded from the internet.

In summary, using free tools that you can find online, you can learn how to create and edit videos for customers.

How to Monetize

Monetization is the process of getting things presentable to earn  money from client or customers.

To monitize these, noted that you can sell these services to individual business owner by approaching him/her through mail or their website contact form.

You can advertise your work for service in any forums and you may even offer your services to webmaster as add-ons perk for their customers.

To start a video creation or editing gig on or register yourself as video creator or editor on 

Through these as a video creator and editor, you can earn serious cash as a students while on campus (universities) instead of depending on your sponsors.

Also being a students doesn’t stop you to consecrates on your studies, you need to put yourself through in this digitalize world since the world itself is becoming degitalize.

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