Become Best Students In Your Department

University or higher institution is a cathedral of learning in various field or course specialization. As a student, you need discipline and rules to be among the top class or first class Students during your stay at the university.

There are a lot of strategies you needed as a student, of which one of it is to starve distraction and feed your focus. There all forms of distraction that may likely hookwink you, if you’re carried away.  It might comes mostly in forms of friends. The best things is to choose your friends not the opposite way round.

Another strategies for success, is to set a Golden rules for yourself.

Ofcourse parents are not to guild us or monitor our movements, but let there be limits to what ever you do, because that might serve as a legacy in any principles you applied. Shun evil and make sure you avoid anything that may bring sorrowful to your sponsors.

Believe in yourself, that’s the most important aspect as students. Always believe in yourself, don’t be a copy-cat because all fingers print are not equal.

There are some students who are fast in learning, and also students  who are slow in learning too. The best thing is that, learn to understand your learning styles.

The learning styles are of five forms

Visual learners: these are people who mainly use their eyes to learn.

Auditory learners: these are sets of people who mainly use ears to learn .

Sequential learners: these are sets  of people who fill out form, good at solving maths problem or do others activities in orderly way.

Global learners: the are set of people who make pictures or designs in their heads, they learn through images.

Kinesthetic learners: there are the kinds of people who learn through musical instruments, small movements actions. They learn best by motions.

Nevertheless you can still have combinations styles, depending on the personality.

Top Rules to become the blBest Students of your Various Departments.

1. Attend Lectures.

Lectures are one of the most significant thing every students do often take serious. Many people or students do often say it doesn’t count, and it won’t be taking as continuous assessment. My dear students’ it’s quite false. Lecturers do take attendances and may decide to you it as continuous assessment or test. And it will be a bonus mark when added to examination you have written.

2. Begin your studies for test and examination.

These tip is one of the essential aspect, students are to engaged in. An adge state “early preparation leads to totality of success”.

It’s quite unfortunate, most students who left elementary schools brings in their methods of reading or studying to the university or higher institution. The Truth is that, universities are different from elementary schools or secondary schools. In University, bulk of course will be given to you and its really need absolutely surrender for study. So the earlier you prepare the less the burden decrease and stick to your memory.

3. Obtain past questions.

Past questions are really helpful. It review the types, kind and angles on which the questions will be set as examination.

Most times exam questions are been repeated and imagine that state when you have gone through past questions which are been repeated.,  it will be walkover to you because you have devoted your time to study them.

You can get past questions from your senior colleagues, lecturers and even your course mates.

4. Develop research skills

As a students, research skills are needed because it enable you to go wide, broad in given courses you are meant to offer. It’s of the benefits of students most especially those who does exam theories because it’s makes their work lengthy and review enough details just as the history Students in faculty of arts whose exams are base on theories.

5. Use the library sources.

All various universities or higher institutions have library where students are to do research and study also.

As a student, make proper use of the library at convenient time.

6. Be optimistic and put God first.

Indeed God should be put first because he giveth wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You can have an excellent spirit if you don’t denial God at the right time. Just like Daniel in the bible, he had an excellent spirit because of his closeness to God.



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