Alphabet For Success

Success is not all about testing but a continuous progress. Let’s consider a brief definition for success and also what it’s take to be successful.

APEX: it’s the process of being at the top or highest part of something. As an individual we ought to learn to be at the top both physically, spiritual and academic aspect because God has lift us enough to have fun and enjoy every aspect of life.

And one of the way to be at the top have due processes which must be passed through.

Think of idea — try — again — and again– then success at the top.

BELIEVE: to feel certain that something is true or that somebody is telling you the true. As a person we should have a strong believe on Almighty God the creator of the universe, because without him you can’t be at the Apex or top. He does tangible and remarkable things in everyone’s life.

Let me pose the questions to you. would the boy you were be proud be proud of the man you are?  If so, believe that there is absolutely no things God almighty cannot do.

COMMITMENT:  a commitment I a promise to do something or behave in a particular way. When you are committed to God, God will uses you as his own vessel. As Christian when you are committed or feel for others, do it in the best way. Learn to be committed in giving because giving is also the thermometer of our love.

DEVELOPMENT: it’s a gruadual change, everyone have potential deposit in them, we should cultivate the habits of developing our talents because God created us with natural talents embedded in us. Therefore we ought not to misuse it.

EXELLENT: it’s means extremely good at something. We should do good things with all our might to be create perfection in it. The biblical quote state  what so ever thing your hand findth, we should do it with all our heart. Paul the apostle condenmed the danger of staying ideal. Like we all know literally that an ideal man is a the devil work shop.

As you can have an excellent spirit in things you find yourself to do and continuous process which brings out success.  A little sand makes a pleasant sand. A little flame brings consuming flames. A little drop of water make a mighty ocean. As a student we should engaged in legit things which you can earn income with time you the good fruits of the land.

FAITH: faith is a strong religious beliefs. Faith is just bringing God into picture and telling him all your needs.  The primary cause of unhappiness is lack of faith. Let me tell you faith release the miraculous. Faith also se the invisible, believe in the incredible and receive the impossible. Faith cannot abandon you, unless you abadon it.

GOD: God is a spiritual being that created the universe. To be successful in life embrace God because he his faithful to get things done in your life.

When you have God, the enemy who want your downfall won’t harm you instead you will be harmful to them.  When you have God, you will be a history maker and a world shaker. God is always a plus factor. God never any disadvantage to you. He is always an asset. He want you to succeed and he has pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.

HOPEFUL: it means the act of believing that something you want we happen.

The world gives you an opportunity to quit, but only the world will call quitting an opportunity. Have courage to live.

Let me tell you man is not finished when he is defeated. He finished when he quits. The choice of giving up or going onis a defining moment in our life. You cannot turn back the clock, but you can wins it up again. Let’s be hopeful enough to enable our heart looks forward.

IMPACT: the powerful effect that something has on somebody or something.  Impact need to be done positively because its lenthing the heart of every persons.

JEALOUSY: this habits has done more harm than good. Don’t be jealous of others because potential differs. You can be successful be doing your talents than keep on jealousy in our heart which leads to downfall

KINDNESS: its its the quality of being kind. As an individual we should always feel for others.

Hunt for good point in people, remember they have to do same in your case. Then do something to help them. If you want to get ahead, be a bridge not a wall. Love others more than they deserve.

Each human being present us with an opportunity to serve. You can’t help others without helping yourself. Kindness is the one of the most difficult things to give away since it usually comes back to you.

LOVE: it’s means having strong desire for somebody or something. Biblically, love is predominant feature in nine fruit of the spirit. When you walk in the fruit of the spirit others can taste of  it. We make first class if we can treat others as second class people. We can learn to love and treat everyone equally.

MOTIVATION: to be reasons why someone deos things or behave in particular way. We should learn to motivate but not to think too much of yourself.

NURTURING: to care for and protect somebody or something while they are growing or developing.

We should learn to have a nice character so that people can imitate us. Character is something you either have or are.

According to Tryon Edwards ” thought leads on promise; purposes go forth in action; action form habits; habits decided character and character fixes our destiny”.

Character is a real foundation of all worthwhile success. Living a double life will get you no where twice as fast.

OBEDIENT: doing what you are told to do. Biblically Obedience is better than sacrifice. For progressive future you must be willing to obey those above you which eventually brings long lasting blessings upon your life endeavor.

PRAYER: is aword that you said to God, giving thanks or asking for help. Indeed prayer time is never a waisted time.

Do deep prayer before you find yourself in deep hole. Remember prayers is the most formidable weapon.

Mark Littleton Said ” turn your doubt to questions; turn your questions to prayers; turn your prayers to God”.

QUALITY: a things that is part of persons character especially something good. We can develop good habits for people to imitate.

RECONCILIATION: an end to disagreement and start a good relationship. As a person we should learn n to reconcile with others. Joseph reconcile with his brothers despise the wrong things done by his brothers. We should forgive because forgiveness is the key to personal key.

SERVICE: a work done by someone for an organization. Every persons need to render service before he/she will be exalted by God.

If you are rendering service to people, you are building your success.

One secret of success is being able to put your best foot forward without stepping on anybody toes.

TRUTHFUL: though many people that there is so called white lie. Nothing shows dirt like white lie. At times a fib start out a little white lie, but it usually ends up as a double feature in high definition.

It may appear to you that a lie may take care of the present, but I want to let you know it has no future. There is no power on Earth formidable than the truth.

UNDERSTANDING: the knowledge that somebody has about a particular subject or situation. Through understanding there will be mutual trust from people who stay around you.

VIRTUE: behavior or attitude that shows high moral standard. Some of these virtue are faith, forgiveness, wisdom and  enthusiasm.

You can have faith enough to move mountains

You can have forgiveness enough never to let the sun go down on your weath.

You Have wisdom enough to fear God and obey him.

You can have enthusiasm enough to show that God is you. This are common aspect to greatness.

WORSHIP: practice of showing Respect to God by prayers, singing as reference to God.

E(x)CEL:  as a student, excelling should be number  our priority. And one of the way to the top as a student is cultivating the habits of studying which is the only way to get to the top.

YIElD: every persons have circumstances which might serve as weakness perhaps yeild to it. For we to overcome one weakness will must not yeild or to obstacles rather keep on moving until you reach your desire goal.

ZEAL: is a great energy or enthusiasm connected with something that you feel strongly about. As an individual you have zeal to turn obstacles to your advantage.

When you have zeal you can decide to break out of the box, your comfort zone and into your destiny.

These are the alphabetical steps to greatness.


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