Advantage & Disadvantage of Staying in Hostel.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Staying in Hostel.

Hostels are place where students are accommodated during their stayed in the university.

Hostels, are of  two categories for post-graduate and undergraduate during their stay in the university. These includes off campus and on campus.

On campus, are sets of hostels of different range of fees paid by students who are willing to stay within the university. The hostels are under non Academic Staff Union of University, where you can find different set of leadership governed. And these includes Students going for elective post such as mayor and assistant mayor. In hostel, you can find those whom despatch their rugular duties such as  portal, cleaners etc.

Off campus, these are really places or lodge students really want to be due to the privacy, not being embarrassed by portals or those in elective position just like the mayor and assistant mayor and those including higher position in charge of hostel.

Here are the advantages and disadvantage of staying in hostel.

1. In School hostels, it’s quite affordable for students who don’t wish to stayed off campus though they are still grades of hostels you can get if lucky enough to secure space and must have been done after payment of school fees.  While off campus the feed are unfriendly but worth your privacy. A Disadvantage of Staying off campus waste of rents whenever Asuu embarked on strike for some persons who which not to stay during the period of strike.

Here are likely hostel fees you can get range between on and off campus.

On-campus: you can get range of 17k (seventeen thousand naira) to 90k(ninty thousand Naira) depending on your choice of hostels while off campus you can spend 100k(hundred thousand naira) above.

2. Stable water and power supply; stable what and power supply are another factors when when considering staying in hostels whether off campus or on campus.

Staying in school hostels (on campus), stable water and power supply are pretty common due to the uses of electricity to cook, read and do other stuff.  While off campus NEPA bills are included among fees to pay. At times no light for weeks which some students makes use of the opportunity for night class to charge there phones or any chargeable item.

3. Proximity to class; staying on-campus will enable you to be alert in terms of class activities. Example, a sudden rush to class in test and attendance will save your time due to the closeness of lecture theatre/hall and your hostel. While off campus, you spend fees on transport to the lecture hall and cannot know most things happening on-campus.

4. Having Study buddy and Reading Habits.

Hostel is a place where you met different set of people who are gurus in terms of reading aspects, the motivation from your roommate or hostel mate, will tell you it’s of no play to you example, going to night class.  In off campus you can read on your own without disturbance, if you are the can of persons who don’t like noisy environment during study.

The disadvantage of both; on-campus you must learn to read in noisy environment though you can still get quite place in night class.  While off campus you might not stay motivated unless you have a room mate if he or she is  serious in his or her academics.

Note: during studies concentrate on course outline and forget hyping from students.  UNIBEN Students is quite found of hyping students whereas mocking you. For example, Everybody in UNIBEN is quite known as scholars but depends on each categories you fall in. And most students especially the new admitted students are carried away by the words “scholar”  here are types of scholar uniben students are found of calling people


A  scholar — among the gurus who also helps student and also straight A Students.

(baba scholar) — good and likely among the best

C (see scholar) —   avariage students

(the scholar) — still struggling to be called scholar . Indirectly telling you to sit up in your academics.

These are common hypes uniben Students are use to.

Tolerance among friends; like I said earlier, students who stayed in hostel on-campus have no privacy. You must meet people of different behavior and background. In hostel you are meant to tolerate and not to fight to avoid having bad record or expelled from the school. Yes, there are schools who expell immediately you go against the rules and regulations guilding the schools while hostel off campus nobody imposed rules on how to stay or live, only between you and your landlord.

5. Conducive environment for security purposes; security is one of the best reasons Students find interesting, on staying within the school environment unlike off campus where securty is often limited compared to those who have their stay in hostel on campus.

6. Reapply for hostel every session; this quite not friendly for students. Example, in your 100level, you met roommates who are caring, God-fearing, serious in academics of which they might be a motivator for you might be the exact opposite in your 200level. But hostel off campus it’s not likely so, you continue to pay your rent according to the agreement made between you and your landlord.

7. Population in a single room;. These are make Students to choose having hostel off campus to on campus. In hostel you can find about 10 to 15persons in a rooms though depends on the type of school hostels you are. In School hostels (on campus) there are different hostels with there fees, the lesser the fees the more population people have freedom people can come in. The higher your fees the less the population in your room.

Example; undergraduate hostel in uniben. The less fees are hall 1,2,3 and 4  while hall 5, keystone etc are higher fees.  The lesser fees are expected to see more popular even if they are not the amount in a room. Roommate may invite friends that’s how the population increasing. And it might led to loss of your items if not properly kept.

Good luck to our newly admitted students, the ball is in your court to choose where to stayed.

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