Accomodation in University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Accomodation in Unilag.

When preparing for school, most especially the newly admitted students, accomodation is one of the essential things need to be put in place.

There two options for accommodation in Unilag after paying school fees. You can choose to stay in school (on-campus) or outside school (off-campus). However new students are stongly advise to stay on campus because of  adaption its environment and also to enable them settle in school and academics easily.  Student are free to choose between staying off and on campus second year or the rest of their stay but not advisable for new admitted Students to stay off campus

Hostels in Unilag

Unilag have very large  accommodating hostels for Students staying on campus. Unilag has about fifteen (15) hostels. Six (6) male hostels, seven (7) female hostels and two (2) unisex (both gender). Here are the list of hostels

Male Hostels

i. King Jaja Hall

ii. Eni Njoku Hall

iii. Marierie Hall

iv. The Old Elkanemi Hall

v. Saburi Biobaku Hall

vi. Sodeinde Hall

Female Hostels

i. Fangunwa Hall

ii. Honours Hall

iii. Kofo Ademola Hall

iv. Madam Tinibu Hall

v. Makama Bida Hall

vi. Queen Amina Hall

vii. Queen Moremi Hall

Unisex Hostels

i. Erastus Akingbola Hall

ii. Henry Carr Hall

How to apply for Unilag Hostel.

How to apply/ballot for hostels are done with the following steps though the school usually release dates for the balloting of hostels rooms. You will have to stay tuned for the the date.

Note also the early you apply the better chance of getting the hostel of your choice.

Students can apply for hostel space through the following steps

i. Go to

ii. Click on login

iii. On your students account, scroll down till you see accomodation.

iv. Click on it

v. Select the hostel of your choice

vi. Click on hostel reservation

vii. Confirm your hostel reservation

viii. Download the slip for documentation purpose and for clearance sake.

Noted, Students must be bonified Students of the university before applying for the hostel of your choice.

Here are some pictures of Unilag hostels

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