5 Sites to Find Jobs in Canada for 2023 as a Student

You need a source of income to survive any place regardless of your class and status; students are inclusive.

As a student either on scholarship or self-sponsored, it’s important that you have a job offer from an authorized employer in Canada before applying for the Canadian student visa

Your workable questions should be:

  • How can I have a job offer?
  • Where can I find the employer?

At once, the answer to your questions is to search online at job search websites.

This article promises 5 Sites to Find Jobs in Canada for 2023 as a Student.

5 Sites to Find Jobs in Canada for 2023 as a Student

There are hundreds; if not thousands of job search sites on the internet. I tell you, some are frauds. Out of the legit hundreds, here are the top 5 Sites to Find Jobs in Canada for 2023 as a Student:

  • Jobbank Canada
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Eluta
  • Glassdoor

#1. Jobbank Canada

Job Bank Canada is a national employment service isolated for Canada and Canadians. This doesn’t mean that you can’t apply as a foreigner. But. You must Migrate to Canada when you get the job offer. Back to Job Bank: its services are available as a website and mobile app.

They help Canadians find their ideal job and connect employers to their employees across the country.

Job bank Canada has been around since the paper posting era; in 1918. With over 100 years of existence, it remains Canadian number one trusted job search and employment service.

Job bank offers an estimate of 3,000 daily job postings and about 48,000 vacancies in a month. No doubt it comes first among the 5 Sites to find Jobs in Canada for 2023 as a student.

After you’ve registered and optimized your job bank account. This is how to land your first job:

  • Search for jobs on the Job bank mobile app
  • Apply for jobs that match your resume
  • Upload your resume
  • Find an employment center
  • Receive job alerts by email

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#2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is among the 5 sites to find jobs in Canada for 2023 as a student. It remains the world’s largest online professional network. With more than 900 million members in more than 200 countries worldwide.

They’re targeted at creating economic and employment opportunities for everyone regardless of their ethnicity.

If you’re good at what you do, LinkedIn is the place to be, especially if you wish to do remote jobs as a student to support your education.

It was officially launched on May 5, 2003. Job postings and applications on LinkedIn are ridiculously tremendous, about 77 job applications are submitted every second. That’s 4,620 jobs every minute, yielding about 277,200 per hour, and edge-cutting 6.65 million jobs application sent every day

You can land high-profile jobs on linked if you:

  • Register with LinkedIn
  • Set up a professional profile
  • Search for your ideal job
  • When you see one, apply and upload the needed documents such as a résumé, portfolio, and cover letter.
  • You should also build a good following by working with people. This will boost your chances of getting hired on LinkedIn.

#3. Indeed

Indeed’s website has tons of job opportunities for Canadians and the world. And It’s proudly Japanese’. It boasts the first and best job site in the world.

Similarly to other job sites, Indeed connects employers to matching employees worldwide.

It was founded in November 2004, in Austin, Texas, United States. No wonder its credibility and trust attract about 300 million Unique visitors.

We choose indeed among the 5 Sites to find Jobs in Canada for 2023 as a student because it has about 308,762 job opportunities suitable for Canadians.

To apply for jobs on indeed:

  • Create an account with Indeed.
  • Locate the homepage, you’ll see the “What and Where boxes”
  • In the What box, enter your desired job title, company name, or industries
  • To be Location specific, enter the name of the place where you wish to work, or the zip code
  • Click “Find Jobs.”

Important: There are two types of Applications on indeed. First, the Easy Apply, then the Manual apply; I said so.

For the easy application, all you have to do is click on “Apply Now” and that’s it. The manual application redirects you to the hiring company’s page. There you’ll be required to provide the necessary documents like a résumé, or a cover letter.

Indeed has a customized résumé that’s highly acceptable. However, they understood the rigors of crafting a presentable résumé. That’s why you can use your ideal résumé to apply for a job.

#4. Eluta.ca

Eluta.ca is well-known in Canada. It’s proudly our top 5 Sites to find Jobs in Canada for 2023 as a student. It’s a job search engine that aims at fetching fresh job opportunities directly from employers’ websites to employees.

The Eluta is run by Canada’s top 100 employers project, which made it trusted and reliable for more direct employer jobs in Canada.

Since June 8, 2006, Eluta.ca has been serving satisfaction to thousands of job seekers in Canada. Evidenced by the attraction of over 7 million unique visitors per year across Canada.

It results in over 17,857 job postings every day and about 125,000 vacancies per week.

As a student in Canada or intending to be, you should opt for eluta.ca if you wish for a more considerate Job option that suits your status.

When you register with Eluta.ca, job searching is easy to perform. However, its job listings are limited to the top 100 employers, but you stand a good chance to get enlisted

Do the following:

  • Enter search, you’ll see options for jobs, advanced jobs, search top employers, and employers: post jobs.
  • You can select the search style you want or scroll downwards to search by category.
  • Click the Apply now button.
  • Read and understand the terms and conditions of the job before proceeding.

#5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor puts it straight up “Let’s get to work ” that’s what they’ll help you accomplish; work. They’re a thriving community that helps employers and employees meet their perfect match. It is the last on our top 5 sites to find Jobs in Canada for 2023 as a student; but not the least.

Glassdoor has humanity in mind by ensuring that there’s no discrimination when it comes to job roles and applications. They take it personally that you get paid for your work. With strict rules against toxic working environments.

You can trust Glassdoor to deliver. Because they’ve been up to it since 2007. Their transparency attracts no less than 50 million monthly unique visitors. Serving up phenomenal 64 million job listings a month.

Follow these steps to apply for jobs on Glassdoor:

  • Create your Glassdoor profile
  • Search for jobs
  • Create job alerts
  • Price tag your service
  • Read about the company
  • Read the benefits
  • Apply

See the detailed information on how to get a job on Glassdoor

Job Opportunities to Look out for on Job sites

When you set up your account profile on job sites, you should show the skills that are high in demand in Canada. This will increase your chances of being hired when you apply. To help you out, here are the top 10 high-in-demand jobs in Canada for 2023.

High in-demand skills in Canada 2023

They’re not limited to:

  • Freelance writer
  • Web Developer
  • Digital marketer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Health Practitioners
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Sales manager
  • Veterinarian
  • Research Associate
  • Recruiter

#1. Freelance writer

A Freelance writer is a person who earns a living writing at his own pace. This means writing anything on your flair for writing.

You can write books for clients and be paid to do so. This is called ghostwriting. Also, you can write blog posts and website articles. Or you can write ebooks, story books, novels for publication, and lots more.

The best part is that you can work for an organization or work from home.

#2. Web developer

A web developer designs and creates applications and websites for businesses and organizations.

It’s a digital era, and every organization and business bustling for publicity can only achieve it via the internet and mobile apps. These require the ezportraits of a web developer to bring them to reality.

The demand for this line of skills is high and inexhaustible. Tap in and make some bucks while schooling.

#3. Digital marketer

Digital marketers also called affiliate marketers are professionals skilled at promoting businesses and brands to prospective customers.

They’re skilled at persuading prospects to patronize their brand by showing them the benefits of the products. They make their profit off the commission from every successful sale they make.

#4. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer imagines and creates innovative ways to communicate values through colors, patterns, and designs.

A graphic designer is in charge of designing interfaces and logos for brands and organizations. However, these skills involve determination and years of practice to master.

If you’re not good at it, kindly switch over in terms of emergency. However, graphic designing is one skill that won’t wane.

#5. Health Practitioners

These are medically trained professionals who are certified by competent authorities and laws to practice and render medically related services to sick patients and animals. Some professions in this line are medical doctors, nurses, vets, and to list a few.

The catch is that even if you land a job online, you’ll be required to work at a physical location.

#6. Electrical Engineers

With the continuous advent of new industries in Canada, there is no doubt that electrical circuits and structures should be in place. And that’s the work of an electrician.

You will be greatly appreciated for your ability to think and craft unique electrical circuits that answer the need at hand. This kind of job is dreaded. It requires optimum care.

#7. Sales manager

A sales manager oversees all selling activities in the company. You can work part-time as an employee in an organization.

Sales managers take a record of all sales activities in an organization and craft innovative ways to maximize the Organization’s ROI.

#8. Veterinarian

Vets treat animals. They diagnose and prescribe drugs for diseased animals and they make sure that the prescriptions are followed. The well-being of pets is documented in Canadian law.

#9. Research Associate

A research associate works with organizations. It can also be governments’ to conduct innovative research in a given section, like medicine. This is to help improve ways to affect lives positively.

#10. Recruiter

You can be employed by an organization to bring and interview new employees into an organization. It’s a rewarding skill to be able to study human behavior and to prove people merit a role.


#1. What are Some part-time jobs for students in Canada?

This is an addition to the list about:

  • Bartender
  • Barista
  • Driver
  • Tutor
  • Dog walker
  • Fruit pickers, etc.

#2. What are the best job sites in Canada?

There are tons of legit Canada-friendly job search websites out there, but we try our best to serve up the very best:

  • LinkedIn Job Search;
  • Indeed Hiring Platform;
  • ZipRecruiter;
  • Glassdoor;
  • Monster;
  • Hired;
  • NaukriRecruiter;
  • Cord.

Wrapping It Up

Coming out clean: Landing a job on job sites is not a walk in the park. Most often, you hunt for jobs by searching and applying.

My advice: the earlier the better.

Not in the least, I’m not disheartening you in any case. But if you must beat this feat, you have to rise to it.

The 5 Sites to find Jobs in Canada for 2023 as a student is one side of the game. Working to land your ideal job is another.

Pro tip: don’t wait for an ideal job, take the available. You can work it out when you arrive in Canada. However, this has a lot to do with the type of Visa entry System that you chose.